TokyoTea Garden Organic Green Tea Leaves 5 Types Features

Tokyo Tea Garden Premium Organic Matcha

Premium Organic Matcha is a high-grade organic matcha grown in a historic traditional tea farm in Kyoto-Uji, the birthplace of Japanese tea.
This matcha is made from pesticide-free organic tea leaves, with particular procedures such as: picking the leaves, steam and dry them without crumpling, remove the veins of leaves, grind the tea leaves (now it’s called tencha) slowly and carefully in millstone You can taste the whole tea leave, especially the rich aroma, umami(savory) flavor and sweetness.
With this gem you may feel the profundity of high-grade matcha in Kyoto-Uji .

Tokyo Tea Garden Premium Organic Gyokuro Green Tea

Premium Organic Gyokuro is the highest quality gyokuro tea that uses only carefully selected new leaves that have been carefully picked after growing in traditional tea gardens with a long history in Kyoto and Uji, the birthplace of Japanese tea.
With this gem you may feel refreshing taste of young leaves and the vigor.
Please enjoy the most luxury flavor.

TokyoTea Garden Premium Organic Deep-steamed Sencha Green Tea

Premium Organic Deep-steamed Sencha is made of the first picked tea leaves in the year grown in a pesticide free and organically certified traditional tea farm of long history.
Deep-steamed Sencha has rich, flavorful, dense and mild taste as a result of comprehensive study for the best balance of fresh aroma and taste.
Premium Organic Deep-steamed Sencha represents tea making master’s all effort.

TokyoTeaGarden Special Organic Sencha Green Tea

Special Organic Sencha is produced pesticide-free and organically (certified) using only the first picked tea leaves in the year in Ujitawara of Kyoto, a historic and traditional birthplace of Japanese tea.
We hope you have elegant tea time for your own with delicious Special Organic Tea.
Recommended also for a special cup of tea to treat your precious guests.

TokyoTeaGarden Organic Genmaicha

Organic Genmaicha is blended tea from organic brown rice soaked in Sencha and water, steamed, roasted and produced in pesticide free and organic certified tea farm in Ujitawara of Kyoto, birthplace of Japanese tea.
As Genmaicha is not astringent nor bitter and does not contain as much caffein as matcha and sencha, it is mild and enjoyable as a daily delicious tea.
Please use boiled water as hot as possible in order to have unique clear aroma of Organic Genmaicha.

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