How to Choose a Kotatsu Futon Comforter

Kotatsu Futon Comforter is indispensable during the cold season, and the choice of Kotatsu Futon Comforter can make a big difference in both comfort and the atmosphere of your interior.
Check out how to choose a Kotatsu Futon Comforter to make your Kotatsu Futon Comforter more comfortable and coordinate it more perfectly with your interior.

Choosing the right size for your Kotatsu Futon Comforter
Kotatsu Futon Comforter is available in square, rectangular, and other shapes.
The size of the Kotatsu Futon Comforter you choose for each one will vary slightly, so keep the shape of your Kotatsu table in mind when selecting the size.

1. Kotatsu Futon Comforter square

The square Kotatsu Futon Comforter is the most popular and available in a wide variety of sizes.
If you have a compact Kotatsu table of about 80 cm (16.5 in.) for one or two people, a square Kotatsu Futon Comforter of about 190 cm (16.5 in.) will do the job.
If you plan to lay out or invite friends over often, we recommend the larger rectangular Kotatsu Futon Comforter described below. 

2. Kotatsu Futon Comforter Rectangular

If you choose a square Kotatsu Futon Comforter, the rectangular Kotatsu Futon Comforter will have gaps and extra space.  Choose a rectangular Kotatsu Futon Comforter as well.
A good rule of thumb is to choose a Kotatsu Futon Comforter that is about twice the length of the Kotatsu table.
For example, if your Kotatsu table is 80cm x 120cm, the Kotatsu Futon Comforter should be about 190cm x 240cm.
It does not matter if the size is slightly different, but be careful not to choose a Kotatsu Futon Comforter that is too small, as this will create a gap and reduce the heat-retaining properties. 

1. Warm, thick Kotatsu Futon Comforter

The thick Kotatsu Futon Comforter is a common Kotatsu Futon Comforter that has been around for a long time.  Since the Futon Comforter is filled with cotton, it is warm by itself and keeps the heat inside the kotatsu. It is also very effective in saving electricity.
It also looks warm and inviting.
Kotatsu Futon Comforter Because it is thick, you may have trouble finding a place to store it when it is not in use, or you may have to compress it to store it

2. A sleek, thin Kotatsu Futon Comforter

Thin Kotatsu Futon Comforter is the best way to enjoy a neat and clean impression. It does not feel oppressive even in a small room, and it does not get in the way when you move it around.
We recommend this product for people who want to enjoy the warmth of a Kotatsu Futon Comforter in a compact room, but do not want to ruin the atmosphere of the stylish interior as much as possible.
It is also easy to store, so it will come in handy when storage space is limited.
However, the thin Kotatsu Futon Comforter is less heat-retentive than the thick Kotatsu Comforter, so you may need to be creative by layering it with a blanket.

Selecting a Material for Kotatsu Futon Comforter

Kotatsu Futon Comforters are available in a variety of materials. The material you choose will affect its warmth and comfort.
Whether warmth or ease of care is important, choose the right material for your Kotatsu Futon Comforter.

1. Cotton for high warmth retention

Cotton is a material that retains heat and absorbs water well. A cotton comforter will be warmer and more resilient than a cotton comforter.
It is also very heavy, giving it a sturdy, heavy feel.

2. polyester

Compared to cotton, polyester is less absorbent and less heat-retentive, but it is easier to wash and less prone to dust.
Many of them are light and comfortable to the touch, making it easier to spend time relaxing.
We recommend this product to those who want a kotatsu futon that is easy to care for.

3. high-functional materials

Most polyester Kotatsu Futon Comforters are basically washable, but there are also many high-performance ones. Kotatsu Futon Comforter made of antibacterial and deodorizing materials can be used comfortably for a long time even with Kotatsu, which tends to harbor various odors.If you have small children or pets, we also recommend the Kotatsu Futon Comforter with a water repellent finish.Although they are fully washable, frequent washing can be a challenge, so be sure to choose a rug that is easy to care for.

How to Choose a Kotatsu Rug Carpet

Choosing a Kotatsu rug is also important.  
Some come in sets with the Kotatsu Futon Comforter, but you don't necessarily need to get the same set.
Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a rug carpet.

1. Choosing a set of rugs with a Kotatsu Futon Comforter is an easy way to create a unified look

You can easily create a sense of unity by choosing a Kotatsu rug or carpet as part of a set with a Kotatsu Futon Comforter.
Kotatsu rugs are a large part of a room's décor, so it's important to choose the right materials and features.
Therefore, it is important to choose a rug carpet with a design that matches your room and the Kotatsu Futon Comforter, not only in terms of material and function, but also in terms of design and color.

2. Thicker kotatsu futon comforter for better heat retention

If you use a thicker futon comforter for your kotatsu, you can expect a higher level of heat retention. It will be more comfortable and you will be able to use the kotatsu more comfortably.
However, if you choose a thick mattress and a thick quilt, it will be difficult to store the quilt when it is not in use. Before purchasing, make sure that you have enough space for storage.
We also recommend that you purchase a compression bag when you purchase a kotatsu quilt.

3. Thin rugs can be used all year round

Kotatsu rugs and carpets do not necessarily have to be part of a set, nor do you have to choose a rug carpet specifically designed for use with a Kotatsu. A regular rug or carpet can be used as a Kotatsu rug.
Rugs and carpets can be used year-round even when you don't have a Kotatsu rug or carpet out. Rugs and carpets in your favorite patterns and colors can also be used as interior decorations.
The space required for storage is also compact, so if you have a room with little storage space, you can use a rug or carpet in place of a Kotatsu rug or carpet.

Choose the right Kotatsu Futon Comforter for your interior


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