What is Kamidana Shinto altar?

Kamidana Shinto altar refers to a special place in the house to worship God, a sacred place where Ofuda Amulet plate received at a shrine is enshrined.
To enshrine the Ofuda Amulet plate in the Kamidana Shinto altar means to set something sacred and precious apart from others.
Conducting a family festival through the Kamidana Shinto altar cultivates a heart of gratitude for God’s blessings and fosters a spirit of kindness and compassion.
In our daily lives, we thank the gods, wish for the future, and clap our hands in oak.
Kamidana Shinto altar has the beauty of this country.

Let’s worship Kamidana Shinto altar at such a time!
It may be difficult to know when to start Kamidana Shinto altar.
We explain when to enshrine a Kamidana Shinto altar for the first time and when to replace it with a new Kamidana Shinto altar.

New construction, opening of a new store, opening of an office

When you build a new house, remodel a house, or open a new office, you should worship the Kamidana Shinto al tar and pray for the prosperity of your family and your business.

Marriage and childbirth

We wish for a happy family. The Kamidana Shinto altar is placed at the time of the birth of a baby, and the name of the baby is placed below the altar.

Big catch and good harvest

Wish for a bountiful harvest and a big catch this year.

As a guardian god for your family

Pray for success in entrance examinations, athletic competitions, the Seven-Five-Three-Three Festival, entrance into school, graduation, etc. Pray for happiness and prosperity in daily life.

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