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About Us

Welcome to “TOKYO Store”

The items we offer are “Japanese high-quality Tatami material items” that customers all over the world will appreciate.

We want people all over the world to easily enjoy the comfort of Tatami mats and his Tatami rug carpets.

With bare feet and comfortable and gentle touch, you can stretch your legs or lie down, and the traditional Japanese tatami material has many good benefits.

Tatami mats and his Tatami rug carpets create a space of Tatami material that you can easily relax by just laying it down.

There are plenty of colors and designs, so coordinate your room nicely to your liking.

You can find genuine Japanese traditional crafts at the TOKYO Store!

You can find excellent traditional crafts carefully selected from all over Japan, unique items made with outstanding craftsmanship, and favorite items carefully made one by one by first-class craftsmen.

TOKYOStore is an online shop that delivers products made by representative Japanese craftsmen to the world.

Made in Japan. We deliver by Japan Post or FEDEX. Go to Delivery Information