How to brew delicious organic green tea at TokyoTeaGarden

The higher grade green tea contains more umami (theanine), so it is brewed at a low temperature to reduce astringency and bring out the umami. Theanine dissolves at 50°C and catechin dissolves at 80°C or higher, so please extract gyokuro at around 60°C and deep-steamed sencha at around 70°C.

It is recommended to extract the special sencha at around 70-80℃.
Although it contains less umami (theanine) than high-grade tea, it contains a lot of catechins, so it should be enjoyed in slightly hot water (80°C) for its umami and moderate astringency.

60℃ / Gyokuro
70℃ / Deep-steamed sencha green tea
70-80℃ / Special Sencha Green Tea

Since the concentration of ingredients contained in green tea leaves is generally low, even if brewed at a high temperature (90°C), the umami and astringency will not be strong, so enjoy the fragrant aroma at high temperatures.


How to brew green tea [standard amount for 2-3 peopl

Green tea leaves: 5-6g (about 2 tablespoons)
Temperature: 60-90°C (lower temperature for high grade tea)
Quantity of hot water: 180cc (60cc x 3 servings)
Cover and wait 1 minute

Points for delicious brewing with the Kyusu teapot

◎ Pour hot water into teacups for the number of people. (Please use water that has been completely boiled once. Tap water with a strong chlorine smell can be removed by boiling for 5 minutes or more.)
◎The water to be used is not mineral water with high hardness, but soft Japanese water or tap water is suitable for green tea.
◎Put green tea leaves into a Kyusu teapot, slowly pour in hot water that has been cooled (just enough to make the steam rise), and wait quietly for about 1 minute without shaking.
◎At first, it will be thin, and later it will be thicker, so pour it into the teacups so that the thickness is even.
◎ Please finish squeezing to the last drop.
By doing so, you can drink deliciously from the second cup to the third cup.

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