Tatami mat RUSH rug carpet scent

Tatami mat RUSH rug carpet scent
-Relaxing effect and concentration-

The scent of tatami RUSH mat is so attractive that you will want to take a deep breath when you enter the "New Tatami Mat RUSH Rug Carpet Room" as a celebration of new construction.
The secret of its charm in the scent component of RUSH.
The most abundant rush in tatami mats is "phytoncide," which is the ingredient that gives you a feeling of relaxation and relaxation when you actually take a deep breath in a forest bath.

In addition, it contains many aroma effect ingredients that are effective for deodorizing / deodorizing, relaxing, and insomnia, and ingredients that are effective for sedation / stress reduction.

There are four main types of aromatic components contained in RUSH. The scent of plants is so popular that it is described as "Tatami mat / RUSH rug carpet is a forest in the room".
In addition, it also contains ingredients with special effects such as relaxation.

  • The scent / scent of RUSH varies depending on the size and design of tatami mats and rug carpets.

Four main aromatic components contained in RUSH

  1. Phytoncide
    About 20% of the fragrance component of rush on tatami mat / RUSH rug carpet is phytoncide.
    It is a source of forest scent, and is an aromatic component that is emitted from trees and has a bactericidal action. It is also used as a natural ingredient in deodorant sprays and air purifiers.
    When you enter the forest, you will feel relaxed if you breathe in the very open and clear air. It is said that the source of the effect may be derived from this "phytoncide" and "minus in".
    Also, by taking a forest bath, you can obtain effects such as "reduction of stress hormones" and "activation of NK cells to prevent cancer". His rush, including the source of the forest scent, "phytoncide," may have a similar effect.
  2. Dihydroactinidiolide
    Although it is a long name, it is an aromatic component contained in black tea and green tea, and accounts for about 10%. It is said to inhibit the germination and growth of plants other than yourself. It does not have a scent and is characterized by attracting other scents.
  3. α-Ciperon
    It is an ingredient that is useful for relaxation, and Cyperus microiria containing this ingredient is used as a crude drug in Chinese herbal medicine, etc., and may be infused and drunk.
  4. Vanillin
    Surprised! His RUSH also contains the scent of vanilla. This ingredient called vanillin is also widely used in perfumes, and as an aromatic ingredient with a high relaxing effect, it is also used in essential oils for aromatherapy and perfumes for sweets.

The scent contained in the tatami mat / RUSH rug carpet is a mass of relaxing effect. Three of the four main ingredients (phytoncide, α-cyperon, vanillin) have excellent relaxing and sedative effects.

The air in the room where the tatami mat / RUSH rug carpet is laid has the power to heal people so much. A tatami mat / RUSH rug carpet room that can provide customers with a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere is truly relaxing and has various effects. Therefore, laying tatami mats / RUSH rug carpets means that you can always experience some of the effects of forest bathing, which is highly recommended for health conscious people.