Tatami Rush Carpet Plum blossom design Made in Japan

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Tatami Rush Carpet Plum blossom design Made in Japan

Producing area: Made in Japan
Material / Ingredient: Material: Rush (from Kyushu, Japan)
* Tatami Rush Carpet edge = polypropylene, polyethylene

34.6×69.3 in
69.3×69.3 in
69.3×102.8 in
102.8×102.8 in
102.8×138.6 in
138.6×138.6 in
173.2×138.6 in
*Tatami rug carpets are made from natural materials, so sizes may vary slightly.


tatami rush rug carpet plum blossom


It has a soft and fluffy feel.
We use Rush from Kyushu, Japan with a length of 115-120 cm.
About 88 cm is used.
The edges of the Tatami Rush carpet are slightly whitish.
(It's not a sunburn, it's the color of the roots and tips of the grass.)
The longer the Rush, the higher the quality.
Rush has a reddish-brown tip, a white root, and a blue (green) center.
Finished with Tachibana weaving with wide Rush weaving intervals.
In addition, since the warp threads are not exposed on the surface, it is difficult for dust to collect and it is difficult to get dirty.
Each Rush from Japan is thick, the skin is thick, and the fibers are fine, so it is elastic and has excellent durability.
Rush has the features of purifying air, controlling humidity, and being hard to get dirty.



◆ Note
● Depending on availability, it may take 5-7 business days to ship.
* Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
● Custom Duties: Customers are responsible for custom duties (tariffs) which might be charged in your country.
● Wipe lightly twice with a dry cloth or rag before use.
* Do not wipe with water as it may cause mold.
● If you spill water, it will not penetrate inside if you absorb the water early.
* Do not rub strongly, but wipe with a tissue.
● For normal maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner!
Clean to absorb the gap.
● If you dry it in the shade regularly and keep it well ventilated, you can prevent the growth of mold.
● Since it is a natural material and processed by hand by craftsmen, the shape and display size may differ slightly.

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    Shipped fast, came with instructions on cleaning and basic maintenance, and was the perfect size of what I needed!

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