What is the structure of Rush tatami mats?

Making Rush tatami mats is basically simple, with a structure in which the central Rush tatami floor (tatami mat) is covered with a tatami mat (tatami mat) from above, and the edges of the cloth tatami mats are sewn on the long sides. increase.

The tatami mat is assembled by sandwiching Rush in parallel rows of threads while alternating them.
The name of this thread is called (Tateto), and hemp or cotton is usually used. Recently, chemical fibers are sometimes used.

Similarly, in addition to Rush, chemical fibers are now used as the central material for tatami mats.

The traditional Rush tatami mat floor is a straw floor made by stacking and compressing rice straw, but in recent years, it has been made by compressing wood, using Tatami board, polystyrene foam, and straw. Lighter weight with polystyrene foam sandwiched between straw and straw is used according to the application.