Great benefits of Tatami Rush grass

1.Tatami material Rush Grass humidity control effec

Tatami material Rush Grass breathes (moisture absorption and desorption)
Some of the Tatami mat/rug materials contain chemical products, but most of them are plant-derived, and they work to adjust the humidity of the room by absorbing and releasing moisture at the same time as storing air. I’m here. Therefore, rooms covered with Tatami rug mats are cool in summer and warm in winter.
That’s the power of the RushGrass that makes up the Tatami mat/rug.
Tatami Rush Grass has the ability to absorb and release moisture according to the humidity in the air.
In other words, Tatami mat/rug is breathing.

For example, the Tatami mat/rug size (approximately 71.7 x 35.8 in) has a natural moisture absorption capacity of approximately 500ml.
*Moisture absorption capacity varies depending on the shape and structure of the Tatami mat/rug.
When the air is dry, such as in summer, it has the power to spit out just the right amount of moisture. Tatami mat/rug can be said to be the most suitable housing material for Japan’s humid climate, along with pillar wood and shoji. In recent years, sleeping on a futon on a Tatami mat rather than a bed has been reviewed from a health standpoint, as it has a better effect on the spine.

Tatami mat/rug absorbs and releases moisture to regulate indoor humidity. The Tatami mat room is especially cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition, because of its moisture control function, the Tatami mat/rug releases moisture when the room becomes dry.

2.RushTatami cleans the air

Tatami rug mat breathes unhealthy air to clean your room.

Tatami rug mat has the ability to clean the air in a room by absorbing nitrogen dioxide and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that have a negative impact on humans. In addition, the unique scent of RushGrass made from Tatami material relaxes our minds, relieves stress, and has an effect similar to forest bathing that stabilizes the mind.
A life with a Tatami rug mat may be the ideal life for modern people.

3.RushTatami is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Tatami was born because Japan has four seasons and is hot and humid.
Japanese houses are built for the hot and humid summer. Tatami was created in Japan because of the hot and humid summers and the cold winters. Sensitive to subtle changes in temperature and humidity in the changing seasons, Tatami has delivered the most comfortable spaces throughout the seasons.

The reason why Tatami feels cool and refreshing on hot summer days is that the delicate undulations on the surface of Tatami work, and it contains a lot of air and has a kind of “insulation effect”. The function that air does not conduct heat is working on Tatami as it is.

The secret to the freshness of Tatami’s surface lies in the delicate undulations of the surface material, known as the tatami-omote. This is because a layer of air is created in a small gap, and the inside of Tatami Rush Grass itself is sponge-like, and air is sucked into it, and it has a cushioning adjustment function as well as a heat insulating effect.

Therefore, the Tatami mat is cool in summer and warm in winter.
Tatami mat has excellent “insulation” and “heat retention”, and Tatami room is cool in summer and warm in winter.

4.Tatami mat has cushioning properties and reduces fatigue in the legs and lower back.

Tatami mat is softer and more cushioned than flooring and flooring, so it helps reduce fatigue for people who usually work standing, who find it difficult to hold a baby, and who tend to have knee and lower back pain. increase.
It is said that sleeping on a Tatami mat with Futon on it will help prevent back pain.
*Since back pain varies from person to person, this may not apply to everyone.

Tatami mat is soft and has cushioning properties, so even if a baby falls down, unlike flooring or carpets, Tatami mat will reduce the impact, so you can use it with confidence.

5.Tatami Mat/Rug is the fragrance of the forest

The scent of Tatami Mat/Rug is the scent of natural Tatami Rush Grass, which is the main ingredient. When no additives such as coloring agents are used, the Tatami Rush Grass scent mainly contains phytoncide, dihydroactinidiolide, α-cyperone, and vanillin.
The component called phytoncide is also known as a representative aromatic component of aromatherapy, and is the so-called “forest scent”. Phytoncide accounts for 20% of Tatami Rush Grass’ aromatic components, and has various effects such as strong deodorizing and deodorizing effects, bactericidal effects, reduction of stress hormones, and activation of NK cells that prevent cancer. Therefore, laying down a Tatami Mat/Rug means that you can always experience some of the benefits of forest bathing, so it is highly recommended for health-conscious people.

Dihydroactinidiolide, which is the second most abundant in Tatami Rush Grass, is an aromatic component contained in black tea and green tea. α-Cyperone is a sedative that is effective against insomnia, and vanillin is literally the vanilla scent component.
The unique scent of the new Tatami Mat/Rug is largely due to this vanillin scent, which is contained more in the mud-dyed surface material, known as the tatami-omote, than in the natural Tatami Rush Grass itself. ingredients.
Therefore, the fragrance of low-quality Tatami Mats/Rugs dyed with colorants and Tatami Mats/Rugs that use dyed soil is very different.
However, the vanillin scent diminishes over time, so the new Tatami Mat/Rug scent does not last long. Vanillin, like other scents, has a calming effect and can help reduce stress. In this way, the surface material, known as the tatami-omote, is rich in ingredients that enhance the relaxation effect, and you can rest your nerves and feel healing just by smelling the Tatami Mat/Rug. increase.

6.Tatami rug/mat room Concentration up

According to the results of a survey published by a Japanese university research team, about 300 elementary and junior high school students were divided into “flooring classrooms” and “Tatami classrooms” and had them solve “mathematics problems”. There seems to be a research result that the number of answers is large and the accuracy rate is high, so it has the effect of “sustaining concentration improvement”.