Great benefits of Rush grass

1.RushTatami regulates humidity

The rush, which is the raw material for tatami mats, has an excellent humidity control effect!
It is also perfect for the climate of Japan, where you can spend hot and humid summers and cold and humid winters.

2.RushTatami cleans the air

It adsorbs formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide, which cause sick house syndrome, and purifies the air.
RushTatami is a natural air purifier that does not use energy.

3.RushTatami is cool in summer and warm in winter.

RushTatami provides excellent insulation throughout the four seasons.
In the summer, it’s smooth and comfortable, and in the winter, on the slightly warm tatami mats, everyone can relax.

4.RushTatami mat has a cushioning property with a sense of security

The moderate elasticity of tatami mats has the advantage of being less likely to get injured even if you fall.
It also eases the strain on your legs, hips and knees compared to hard flooring.

5.Rush Tatami’s aromatherapy effect

The room filled with the scent of rush also has an aromatherapy effect. In addition, the supple and durable rush from Kumamoto Prefecture becomes a glossy golden color the more you polish it.

6.Learning effect by Rush Tatami

It has been demonstrated that children who studied in the Rush tatami space maintained their concentration and improved their grades.
A space with Rush tatami mats can be expected to have a high learning effect.