Water-repellent Tatami rug carpet Amazing!

Regular Tatami rug carpets are actually weak against water.
If it gets wet, it will soak in, so it is necessary to immediately wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it in the shade.

Tatami rug carpet has been treated to be water repellent

However, the water repellent Tatami rug carpet has been treated to be water repellent on both sides, so it is easy to clean with a quick wipe.
*Does not repel water above 40°C, such as hot water or tea.
*Other than water, coffee and milk are also repelled, but they may leave odors and marks.

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It also has a deodorizing effect!

Tatami Rush absorbs carbon dioxide and formaldehyde from the air and has the effect of cleaning the air.
In fact, Tatami Rush has the function of a natural air purifier.

In the inspection, the Tatami rug carpet was laid in a gas concentration of 20 ppm carbon dioxide and 20 ppm formaldehyde, and after 2 hours, the result was a 98% reduction in carbon dioxide and a 78% reduction in formaldehyde.

Relax and improve concentration

The scent, color and feel of Tatami Rush have the effect of relieving tension and maintaining concentration.
This was found in a study at the University of Kitakyushu in Japan.

Tatami Rush also contains vanillin, which is found in vanilla, and phytoncide, which is the same as that found in trees, and has a relaxing effect.

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