How to care for Tatami Rush rug mat !

【Simple! 3 steps】 Introducing what to do when mold mites occur

Tatami Mat and Tatami Rush rug carpets that are popular in the hot season.

It has a smooth texture and is an item that you can spend coolly even in the hot summer.

“Can the Tatami Rush rug carpet be cleaned like a normal rug?”

Have you ever wondered how to care for your Tatami Rush rug carpet, “Can I wipe off the dirt with water?”

Rush is a natural material, so care is more important.

In this article, I would like to explain how to care for the Tatami Rush rug carpet.

We will also answer Q & A when you have a problem such as what to do when mold or mites occur.

Water is a great enemy! Things to watch out for when cleaning the “Tatami Rush Rug Carpet”

Water is a great enemy! Things to watch out for when cleaning the “Tatami Rush Rug Carpet”

The thing to keep in mind when caring for Tatami Rush rug carpets is “water”.

RUSH may grow mold if it is kept in high humidity. Take care not to expose it to water or moisture.

Dry wiping is also the basis for wiping and cleaning.

If you spill water or drink, wipe it off quickly.

Also, be sure to ventilate and keep the Tatami Rush rug carpet from getting damp.

What to do before using Tatami Rush rug carpet

Tatami Rush rug carpet is dyed with mud to prevent discoloration. Therefore, the new Tatami Rush rug carpet has excess soil and resin that has not fully penetrated the surface of the Tatami RUSH.

Although dyed soil and resin are harmless to the human body, they may stain clothing, so wipe the surface of the Tatami Rush rug carpet lightly with a dry rag 2-3 times before using it.

If you wipe it vigorously or with water, the dyed soil, resin, and dye that have penetrated the Tatami Rush will be wiped off. Gently wipe it off as it may cause color unevenness and discoloration.

Tatami Rush rug carpets are shipped folded and may appear wrinkled or wavy. Rest assured that such creases and waviness will become familiar to you while you are using it.

If you really care about it, stop it with carpet pins in several places to smooth out wrinkles.

Tatami Rush How to care for rug carpets and points

From here, I will explain how to care for the Tatami Rush rug carpet on a daily basis.

Tatami Rush Rug Carpet Care 3 Steps

Clean your Tatami Rush rug carpet once or twice a week as a guide.

Cleaning is very easy. It will be completed in 3 steps, so please give it a try.

Step ① Dry or vacuum

First, clean the Tatami Rush rug carpet.

Gently wipe with a dry cloth along the texture of the RUSH surface.

You can vacuum it to clean it. Vacuum along the grain of RUSH.

It is important to do it slowly and firmly so as to absorb the dust and dirt that has entered the gaps in the texture.

Vacuum for 20 seconds per square meter as a guide.

Step ② Dry in the shade

Moisture control is important to prevent mold and mites.

After vacuuming, dry in the shade in a place out of direct sunlight.

If the rush is too dry, the fibers will be damaged.

Let’s dry in the shade for a total of 2 hours, 1 hour each on the front and back.

Step ③ Ventilate the room

Clean your room while you’re drying the rush rug.

After cleaning, open the windows to prevent moisture from accumulating and ventilate.

After drying the rug in the shade, re-lay it in your room and it’s done! Thank you for your hard work.

Care points for rush rugs

The Tatami Rush rug carpet is easy to clean, but if you keep the points in mind, you can use it longer and more comfortably.

Here are some tips for cleaning your Tatami Rush rug carpet.

① Remove dirt along the “grain” of the Tatami Rush rug carpet.

Try to clean the Tatami Rush rug carpet along the “grain”.

By doing so, you can clean the fibers without damaging them.

The same is true when vacuuming and wiping dry. Please clean it gently and carefully so as not to damage the fibers.

② Wipe off with a cloth that can get dirty

Tatami Rush rug carpets are mud dyed to prevent discoloration. Therefore, if you wipe it, the mud may stain the cloth.

When wiping dry or wiping off moisture, use a cloth that can get dirty.

If you rub it too hard, the color will transfer easily, so be sure to wipe it gently when wiping it.

③ Thoroughly dry in the shade

RUSH may discolor or fade when exposed to direct sunlight. When drying the Tatami Rush rug carpet, hang it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

Care for “Tatami Rush Rug Carpet”! Q & A corner

You may have unexpected troubles when using rush rugs like “There is a hangnail!”  “A mite has occurred!” Because it is made of natural materials, you may be wondering what to do in such a case.

Here, we will answer the question of caring for such rug carpets.

Q1. What should I do if there is a hangnail?

When you buy a Tatami Rush rug carpet and lay it down, have you ever found them with its fibers popped out like a hangnail?

Actually, this is a phenomenon called “cutting”.

Since RUSH is a natural material derived from plants, it is easier to cut fibers than chemical fibers. Therefore, when weaving RUSH, the fibers may break due to friction or drying. Please be assured that it is not a defective product.

You can use it as it is by cutting the protruding part from the root with scissors or nail clippers.

Q2. What should I do when mold grows?

Tatami Rush rug carpet is a material with excellent humidity control function, but it may grow moldy in hot and humid conditions.

If mold develops, immediately dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place for about 2 hours, and then tap it with a brush along the grain of the Tatami Rush rug carpet to wipe off the mold.

When drying in the shade, aim for a dry day with good weather.

Aomori Hiba processing has the effect of suppressing the growth of mold to some extent, but it cannot be completely prevented under hot and humid conditions.

Please use in a room that is as airy as possible to prevent mold from forming.

Mold grows when it has “high temperature”, “humidity” and “nutrition”. It is especially hot and humid in the summer, so use an air conditioner or electric fan to control the temperature and humidity. It is also important not to leave food waste that is a nutrient for mold. Vacuum it once or twice a week to keep it clean.

Q3. A mite has occurred! What should I do?

Since RUSH is a natural material, insects may adhere to it, but basically, RUSH itself does not generate insects that are harmful to the human body.

However, if you neglect to clean or leave mold unattended, mites may occur.

When mites occur, first dry them in the shade on a well-ventilated day and vacuum them. Brushing along the texture of the Tatami Rush rug carpet is also effective.

Because mites are microorganisms, they cannot survive in the absence of food. If you prevent their staple foods such as debris, dandruff, cuticle, and mold, you can reduce the occurrence of mites. Try to clean the room frequently.

Also, mites prefer hot and humid places, so be sure to ventilate frequently to prevent moisture.

Q4. What should I do if I spill the juice?

“I accidentally spilled juice on the Tatami Rush rug carpet!”

You may be worried that the water will soak into the inside.

Just as grass repels water when it gets wet, RUSH has some repellent effect. However, it will soak in over time, so if you spill the juice, wipe it off quickly.

Wipe it off with a gentle tap to prevent the wet area from spreading.

If water soaks in, the dyed soil may fall off and cause color unevenness.