Tatami Rush Mat, flooring and sofa Room coordination

The scent of RUSH that lays down on the Tatami mat and stands up
The nice thing about Japanese-style rooms is that you can feel nostalgic and feel more relaxed and relaxed.
Why not put a sofa in Tatami mat’s room?
Whether it’s a regular sofa or a low sofa, you can create a stylish Japanese-modern room.
The sofa is a low sofa that goes well with Tatami Rush mat, even though it has a Western-style interior.
We will introduce the reason, points of how to match with Tatami Rush mat, and things to be careful about.

Tatami Rush mat room and sofa. Perfect compatibility!

“Lowness” that harmonizes Japanese-style rooms and sofas
A Western-style interior “sofa” and a “Japanese-style room” surrounded by Tatami Mat and Fusuma (Japanese-style doors).
Just putting a sofa in the room of Tatami Rush mat seems to make the room taste different, but you can create a room with a fashionable atmosphere that can not be imitated compared to the room with Western style only interior.

First of all, if you want to match it with a Japanese-style room, we recommend a sofa with a low seating surface.

By eliminating the difference in height between the Tatami Rush Mat and the sofa, there is no sense of imbalance in appearance, and it becomes easier for the Japanese-style room and the sofa to harmonize.
Also, the combination of tatami mat and low sofa is an item rooted in floor life, so it’s actually very natural that it goes well with each other.
If you put it on a low sofa, it will fit in surprisingly well.
Also, by eliminating the border between the tatami mat and the sofa, and the height, it is easy to relax on either side.
A relaxing space spreads throughout the room.

The perspective of the Japanese-style room and the height of the furniture.
You can sit directly on the tatami mat, sit on a chair, or sit on a cushion.
In Japanese-style rooms, you often spend time on the floor or near the floor, so your line of sight is naturally low. If you are surrounded by tall furniture, you will feel oppressive and uncomfortable.
In Japanese-style rooms, try to keep furniture such as tables and bookshelves as low as possible. This improves the outlook, gives a feeling of openness, and makes the time more relaxed. The goodness of the Japanese-style room will be a living coordination.
If possible, in the summer, take off your socks and barefoot to feel the openness.
In winter, please spend a warm and warm time with a kotatsu at the same height as everyone else.

Living with “Tatami RUSH mat and low sofa”

It’s uncomfortable to sit directly on the flooring, but you can sit anywhere on tatami mats and lie down.
The Japanese-style room has a much larger relaxing space than the Western-style room and is often located in the middle of the floor plan, so it is actually very suitable for use as a living room.
However, if you spend a lot of time there, your butt will hurt and you will want a backrest …
In that case, a sofa is convenient in the living room with a Tatami RUSH mat.
With a low sofa, people who sit directly on the Tatami RUSH mat, people who sit on the sofa, and everyone’s eyes are closer, making it easier to communicate.
It will be a better time for you if you can spend a long time and comfortably.
In addition, Japanese-style rooms in Japan are originally surrounded by natural materials such as Tatami RUSH mats, shoji screens, Fusuma (Japanese-style doors), and plaster. (The material varies depending on each household).
In addition, the Tatami RUSH mat has a high cushioning property, so the room with the Tatami RUSH mat is perfect for kids’ space with babies and small children.
If you put a sofa or a mattress that you can sleep on, you can create a nap space for parents and children.

Think from your room you want to make. Japanese modern and cool.

A “Japanese modern” style where you can enjoy the harmony and discomfort by fusing sophisticated Japanese and Western designs while retaining the taste of Japan.
Is it difficult to coordinate a room if you have a Japanese taste in your room? You may think.
However, as long as you hold down the points, you can easily create a modern Japanese space.
When creating a fashionable and modern Japanese room, it is important to make the contrast look beautiful.
For example, try to match the interior and sofa with a teapot, Yunomi tea set, and Japanese green tea. The contrast created by this makes both Japanese and Western elements shine.

Be careful when placing the sofa on the Tatami Rush mat.

Please note that a relatively heavy sofa has the disadvantage that it tends to leave marks on the tatami mat due to sinking.
In order not to leave a sofa mark on the tatami mat
It is also recommended to choose a legless, mattress type sofa.
The mattress type low sofa, which is made only of urethane, has no legs and is basically placed directly on the floor.
It touches not only the body but also the tatami mats softly and does not damage the tatami mats because it has no hard corners. It’s relatively lighter than a sofa made of wood, so you can easily move it when redecorating your room!
Dragging and moving will cause friction on the Tatami Rush mat.
A heavy sofa should be lifted and moved by two or more people.

Choose a floor-type sofa that distributes weight
Both are natural materials, so the compatibility between tatami mats and wooden furniture is outstanding. On the other hand, depending on the size and structure, a sofa made of wood is heavier than a sofa made only of urethane, and the weight of the seated people is added, which puts a heavy load on the Tatami Rush mat. ..

Items to prevent tatami mat marks and scratches

One option is to lay a cushioned item under the sofa, such as a small cork mat or Rush’s table.
Choose the one that suits your room taste.

There is also a way to lay rugs and carpets on the Tatami Rush mat to prevent traces and scratches on the Tatami Rush mat, but I avoided Tatami Rush mats, carpets and sofas as they can be hotbeds for ticks and mold. Is better.
RUSH is originally a material with excellent hygroscopicity, so you can spend it lightly in the summer and warm in the winter.
Tatami Rush mat is recommended to enjoy the texture as it is.

How to maintain Tatami Rush mat

Ventilation is important! To protect against mold and mites.
There are also important notes!
Sofas with legs are highly breathable because there is space underneath, which is a nice advantage for both flooring and sofas.
On the other hand, the direct type floor sofa tends to retain moisture, and if it is left for a long time, mold and mites may occur!

As a countermeasure, put the Tatami Rush mat on a well-ventilated place on a regular basis to ventilate the floor material Tatami Rush mat.
Even if you lift the sofa a little each time you clean it, you can expect to prevent mold and mites, which will lead to early detection.
Also, if you lay a rug or carpet on the tatami mat, it may become a hotbed for mold and mites. Pay close attention to the usage environment and perform regular maintenance. Let’s live a life of Tatami Rush mat that is kind to not only people but also flooring materials and sofas so that you can relax for a long time.

Modern lifestyle and Tatami Rush mat

Living in Tatami Rush mat, starting to be loved in a new way
On the other hand, a new idea of ​​”Tatami Rush mat living” is beginning to emerge. A small rise of Tatami Rush mat is made right next to the dining room, and a low sofa and a TV are placed on it to create a space where everyone can relax.
It is also a big point that people who sit at the dining table and people who relax in the Tatami Rush mat living room have the same line of sight.
It’s not like a living room, but it’s becoming more and more common to create a slightly raised Tatami Rush mat space when building a house, as a place to take a break or spend time with babies and children. Because it is slightly raised, it can be recognized as a different space without being separated by bran or shoji. By going up one step, you can switch your feelings and relax with all your might. You can create “boundaries” both visually and mentally without physically partitioning the space.
If you place a Tatami Rush mat, you can easily add a Japanese atmosphere to your Western-style room. Choose a natural Tatami Rush mat that has excellent humidity control and heat insulation effects to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
It has high cushioning and soundproofing, so it is perfect for kids’ spaces.

The Tatami Rush mats available at the TOKYO Store are designed to match the interior of a Western-style room, and are carefully crafted one by one in color direction and dyeing. There are various sizes and shapes, so it’s nice to be able to freely rearrange them according to the room.
No tools required, just place it. Made from Japanese RUSH, which has a high humidity control function, you can spend a light summer and a warm winter.
As your lifestyle changes, you will get new shapes in your home. Along with that, the lifestyle of laying Tatami Rush Mat on flooring has begun to permeate as a new form.

If Japanese and Western hands join hands, life will be enriched
If you have a room in your house that is sleeping quietly, lay a Tatami Rush Mat to awaken it as a modern Japanese room.
As soon as a person starts to live, the air passes through the room of Tatami Rush Mat, the temperature is born, it starts to liven up, and the people who live in it also liven up.

We would be grateful if you could suggest a Tatami Rush Mat in your room to make the time you always spend better.