Hinoki cypress bath items are relaxing and attractive

Hinoki cypress bath items are, first of all, one of the characteristics of cypress’s unique refreshing scent.
The scent of cypress makes your mind and body feel refreshed and relaxed.
Hinoki cypress allows you to enjoy the charm of cypress to your heart’s content.
However, it is very difficult to make a Hinoki cypress bath.
So why not try using the Hinoki cypress washbowl, Hinoki cypress bath chair, Hinoki cypress ball, etc. during your bath time?

The secret of Hinoki cypress bath items that can expect a high relaxing effect in your bath space

Hinoki cypress traditional bath chair medium size 10.6 × 5.9 × 7.9 in made in Japan

Hinoki cypress traditional bath chair M size 10.6 × 5.9 × 7.9 in made in Japan Size: About width 10.6 × depth 5.9 × height 7.9in *Notes After using Hinoki cypr…

Hinoki Bath Bucket Small Size Made in Japan

Hinoki Bath Bucket Small Size Made in Japan Inside dimension Size: about Diameter 7.5 x Height 3.9 in (Small Size) Material Natural wood (cypress) / Copper Pre…

The secret to the charm of Hinoki cypress bath items is phytoncide!
When talking about the relaxing effects of the Hinoki cypress bath, the ingredient called phytoncide is indispensable.

Phytoncide is a component that trees produce to protect themselves from external enemies (insects and bacteria).
It is also a component that gives wood its unique scent and color, but it can be expected to repel insects, bacteria, and other plants by dispersing it into the surroundings.

By the way, phyton in phytoncide is a word that means “plant”.
Chid comes from cide, which means “to kill”.
It’s a very dangerous word, but for humans, it is known to bring various relaxing effects.

・Lower blood pressure
・Regulates irregular heartbeat
・Stabilize the autonomic nervous system
・Improve immunity
・Slows down brain activity

Phytoncide is a component that wood produces by itself, but it is known that coniferous trees, including Hinoki cypress, emit a particularly large amount of phytoncide.
Hinoki cypress, in particular, is said to continue to emit phytoncides even after being harvested and processed.

This is the secret behind the relaxing effect of Hinoki cypress bath items.

The effect of essential oils contained in cypress is also an important point

The wood called cypress contains a lot of essential oil components.
In fact, this essential oil is also one of the points to increase the relaxing effect.
The essential oils contained in cypress have high insect repellent and antiseptic properties.
The bathroom keeps us Japanese comfortable and clean, but in fact there are many cases where we are plagued by problems related to bacteria and insects.
If you choose a cypress bath, with the natural essential oil effect,
You will be able to practice a life that keeps insects and bacteria away.
In addition, cypress is known as a wood that is resistant to water and can be expected to have a humidity control effect.
Hinoki cypress bath items absorb and release moisture.

When introducing a wooden bath, you will be able to relax both physically and mentally with its high design.
In the case of the Hinoki cypress bath, the characteristics of cypress wood help to keep the bathroom comfortable.
*Hinoki cypress bath items will last longer if you dry them after use to prevent mold.

Baths using Hinoki cypress items are recommended for a restful sleep

Have you ever thought, “I want to be healed in a Japanese hot spring”?
Japanese hot springs often use Hinoki cypress bath tubs, Hinoki cypress washbowls, and Hinoki cypress bath chairs.
Even if it is difficult to prepare a cypress bath tub, you can relax like a Japanese hot spring by floating a Hinoki cypress washbowl, a Hinoki cypress bath chair, or a Hinoki cypress ball in the bathtub.
It may be difficult to travel to a hot spring in Japan, but if you install Hinoki cypress items in your bath, you can easily enjoy Hinoki cypress bath time every day.
It is said that the Hinoki cypress bath can be expected to have a relaxing effect.
By adjusting the state of your pulse and autonomic nerves and relaxing your brain, it will naturally invite you to a pleasant sleep.

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep?
If you put the Hinoki cypress ball in the bath and soak it, the ingredients will slowly permeate your body.
Of course, these effects can also be expected to be effective for children.
*Please use Hinoki cypress washbowl and Hinoki cypress bath chair together.

・The child sleeps poorly
・When you sleep at night, you complain of anxiety

Even at times like this, if you take a bath together with Hinoki cypres items, you may be able to get good results.

In Japan, bath time is a place where you can relax from the bottom of your heart after a long day.
If you take a bath full of Hinoki cypres items at that time, the relaxing effect will increase even more.
*If you come to Japan, please try to soak in the real Japanese Hinoki cypres hot springs!

Spend your bath time relaxing with Hinoki cypres bath items.

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