Do you know how to choose a tatami mat/rug carpet?

Features of Tatami Igusa mat made in Japan

Tatami is a unique Japanese culture. Therefore, tatami was originally made only in Japan. Igusa (Tatami Rush material) from Japan is of high quality and has excellent elasticity and durability.

Ninety percent of the rush grass used in Japanese tatami is produced in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Kumamoto rush grass is of particularly high quality and has been loved for a long time, which is why these days tatami mats bear the Kumamoto mark.

The Tatami Rush itself is beautiful, feels good, and has a fragrance. Japanese tatami is more expensive than Chinese tatami, but it is sturdier and often lasts longer as a result.

Chinese rush grass is dried thoroughly to prevent mold growth. Japanese rush grass, on the other hand, is woven at the high moisture stage, making it more durable and giving it a beautiful fragrance and color.

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Features of Tatami Igusa mat made in China

Tatami has a long history and is mentioned in the ancient book “Kojiki”, Record of Ancient Matters as having already been used in Japan before BC. Throughout its long history, tatami has been made by Japanese people, who cultivated the rush grass, wove it, and processed it in the traditional way.

However, since there are many manual processes and the manufacturing process requires time and technique, requiring excellent craftsmen, tatami has gradually been partially mechanized and manufactured in China, a country with low labor costs and a large land area.

Tatami mats made in China began to be produced around the 1980s. Igusa (Tatami Rush material) from China is characterized by its low price.

The quality of Igusa made in China is inferior to that of made in Japan, but in recent years, with the technical guidance of Japanese companies, the quality of Igusa (Tatami Rush material) made in China has improved.

More and more households in Japan are using tatami mats produced in China.

What is the size of the Tatami ?

Traditional Japanese Tatami mats are available in rectangular or square types.

for example,

Rectangle size approx. 71.7 x 35.8 in

A square size approx. 32.3 x 32.3 in

The size may differ slightly depending on the type of Tatami mat. Tatami Goza rug carpets come in more sizes than mat types. For example, approx.69.3 × 69.3 in /approx.75.2 × 98.4 in. Also, there are many more size variations.

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What is the difference between Tatami mats and Tatami Goza rug carpets?

Traditional Tatami mat

Tatami Rush (GOZA) is wrapped around the surface of a 100% natural material “straw floor” made by stacking rice straw in layers and sewn.

Therefore, the traditional Tatami mat is thick and heavy.

In recent years, instead of straw beds, there are more and more lightweight types in which Styrofoam is sandwiched between compression plates made of wood chips.

Tatami Goza rug carpet

The surface of the Tatami mat is made into a rug carpet.

Therefore, it also has the function of Tatami, which can be folded and stored compactly and is easy to handle.

Tatami rug carpet has abundant design variations such as Japanese modern, floral pattern, traditional, etc.