What is Tsugaru Vidro SAKE Cup / SAKE Bottle?

Tsugaru Vidro is a handmade SAKE cup / SAKE bottle that allows you to enjoy the beautiful colors of glass.
Tsugaru Vidro is a Japanese brand that manufactures SAKE cups / SAKE bottles at a long-established glass studio in Aomori.

SAKE cups / SAKE bottles, where you can enjoy beautiful colors and handmade warmth, attract a large number of people.
The SAKE cup / SAKE bottle, which has many colorings inspired by the four seasons, is recommended for people who want to enjoy sake with their eyes ♬
By arranging Tsugaru Vidro’s SAKE cups / SAKE bottles, the table top will look much more fashionable.
In addition, the SAKE cup / SAKE bottle set is also extensive, so it is also useful when you want to entertain at a home party.

Tsugaru Vidro
As Japan’s leading handmade glass, it is a glass product brand that not only produces SAKE cups / SAKE bottles, but also produces rich colors and a sense of the seasons throughout the lifestyle.

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