Do you know the points to choose Japanese SAKE bottles / SAKE cups?

Old-fashioned SAKE bottle / SAKE cup From pottery to cool glass SAKE bottle / SAKE cup,
Please know what kind of SAKE bottle / SAKE cup you have, such as your favorite tin Chirori (SAKE bottle) or a set with a SAKE cup.
Find your favorite SAKE bottle / SAKE cup according to the type of cold sake, hot sake, or sake you want to drink ♬

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Do you know the points to choose Japanese SAKE bottles / SAKE cups?

◎How to choose a SAKE bottle

Compared to sake sets such as Inoguchi and Gui-drink, SAKE bottles have a longer time to hold sake, so it is said to affect the taste.
If you like sake, you should be particular about choosing it.
Speaking of SAKE bottles, it is a traditional pottery type that is often used in Japan.
There are many types of pottery type SAKE bottles, and they come in a wide variety of materials and shapes.
It is a real pleasure to enjoy the delicate selection of sake bottles / SAKE cups, such as the type of sake, how to drink it, and seasonal designs.
I picked up the criteria for choosing.

◎Shape and material to choose according to how to drink and the place

The SAKE bottle / SAKE cup to be used will change depending on the scene, such as daily evening drinks, a drink with casual friends, hospitality and celebrations.
Enjoy the atmosphere with meals and sake, just like tableware.
Tokkuri SAKE bottle is roughly divided into three types depending on the shape.

◎Widely usable "SAKE bottle"

For the time being, the first thing I want to prepare is a simple sake bottle SAKE bottle with a thin neck and a general shape.
It can be used in any way, such as hot or cold sake, and is convenient for hospitality.
You can also enjoy paintings that color the seasons, such as old-fashioned pottery and glass.

◎If you like cold sake, "Katakuchi SAKE Bottle"

If you want to make a fashionable decision, one mouth with a wide caliber, made of pottery or glass and with a spout.
There are various types from bowl type to elongated ones, and it is recommended for those who like cold sake.
Recommended for hospitality to loved ones.

◎For hot sake, "Chirori SAKE Bottle"

If you like sake, you should choose Chirori SAKE Bottle.
Another name is "Tanpo", and it is recommended for hot-steamed people.
This one is suitable for having a fun drink with casual friends.
It is also attractive that the image changes completely depending on the material such as copper, brass, tin and aluminum.

◎Choose a SAKE bottle that makes the most of the four types of sake

Sake is a delicate sake that has a completely different taste and aroma depending on the type of rice used, the degree of rice polishing, and the brewing method.
When choosing a SAKE bottle / SAKE cup, you should pay attention to the four types of sake, which are divided according to the strength and taste of the aroma: sake, sake, sake, and sake.

Jukushu: Old sake and aged sake that have been aged for many years have a strong aroma and taste. A heavy SAKE bottle / SAKE cup is recommended.
Junshu: Richness and fragrance made by the ancient Japanese manufacturing method.
The taste increases with hot sake. Standard SAKE bottles / SAKE cups are recommended.
Kunshu: A ginjo-type clear taste with a fruity aroma.
We recommend the Katakuchi SAKE bottle, which has a wide caliber.
Soshu: It has a weak aroma and is suitable for cold sake such as brewed sake and raw sake with a light taste.
We recommend the glass Katakuchi standard SAKE bottle.

Depending on the SAKE bottle / SAKE cup you choose, you can enjoy the aroma and richness of sake in the best condition.
Of course, the same is true for Shochu.
You can enjoy it even more by changing the SAKE bottle / SAKE cup depending on your favorite sake, such as whether it is hot sake, cold sake, or whether you want to enjoy the aroma.

The function you want to check is how to warm and cool
The only thing I want to check about the functionality of sake bottles is how to heat and cool.
If you want to drink hot sake, can you use it in the microwave?
Can I just warm it up? This is an important point.

Of course, even if you have cold sake, can you cool it in the refrigerator?
Is it the type that can put ice? It is recommended to check in advance.
If you drink daily, please check it out.

Delicate Japanese design to enjoy each season ♬
Please enjoy the Japanese atmosphere as a plus α point.
The appeal of SAKE bottles / SAKE cups is that the delicate design unique to Japan is utilized.
You can also enjoy the appearance such as paintings with seasonal flowers, cool Vidro, and the texture of ceramics.
In spring, cherry blossom petals and gorgeous colors,
Made of cool glass in summer,
Warm design to match the autumn leaves,
In winter, it has a rounded shape and a profound design.
It's exciting just to think about it.
Usability such as functionality and care is important, but after all, please enjoy a blissful cup with a nicely designed SAKE bottle / SAKE cup.

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