Incorporating the works of Maruyama Okyo into Noren tapestries

The works of Maruyama Okyo, a charismatic painter who is the pride of Japan, are incorporated into traditional Noren tapestries.
By decorating your home, the Noren Tapestry will of course function as a sunshade, dust shield, and blindfold, but the presence of Maruyama Okyo's work will also create a modern Japanese art space.

Who is Maruyama Okyo?
Kyoho 18 (1733) - Kansei 7 (1795)
Maruyama Okyo is a charismatic Japanese painter. He is also known as the “founder of Japanese sketch painting.
Many of his works are characterized by the fact that he did not paint what he saw, but reconstructed them based on his sketches. Maruyama Okyo also studied the Western method of shading. He did not paint the shadows cast by objects, but only the dark “shadows” that make objects appear three-dimensional, and he skillfully used these shadows to express a three-dimensional effect.

Noren Japanese Tapestry Maruyama Okyo dogs
Noren Japanese Tapestry Okyo Maruyama tiger
Noren Tapestry Maruyama Okyo Soukakuzu Two cranes

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