Take good care of your Rush tatami mats and make them last longer!

Take good care of it and make it last longer
Cleaning the Rush tatami mats that you should usually do is very simple.
It is enough to sweep with a tatami mat and wipe with a dry cloth.
The point is to be gentle and gentle along the eyes of the Rush tatami mat.
When vacuuming, move it slowly and lightly along the tatami mats, and stop it just before the edge. That way, the edges will last longer.

Another recommended care is to choose a sunny day twice a year, before the rainy season in late spring or early summer, and from late autumn to early winter, and dry it outside.
At that time, avoid exposing the Rush tatami mat to direct sunlight, and expose the tatami floor to the sun to dry for about 4 to 5 hours.
Also, since it is a problem if insects such as mites are attached, please try to dry it on concrete or tile blocks instead of placing it directly on the ground.

When raising the Rush tatami mat, insert a sharp object such as a flat-blade screwdriver into the gap and lift it.
Rush tatami mats will last a long time if you change the table about once every 5 to 8 years for maintenance.

The interval between table changes depends on the type of Rush tatami mats you are actually using, your family structure, the sunlight in your room, and your daily use.
If you feel that the surface has lost its luster and is a little damaged, please consult with a tatami shop.