Healing, Rush tatami mats and Japanese-style room

Why the Rush tatami room is soothing
Rush tatami room, low line of sight in Japanese-style room. This leads to healing.
Everyone wants the familiar home to be a healing space. There are people who go home after a day's work, people who go home after school, people who go home after a trip, etc., but the reasons for going home are the same. "To rest your body."
What is important is the problem of the contents of "to rest the body". Sitting in a chair and taking a break or lying on the sofa is nothing more than "resting", but it shouldn't be the only thing that really comes home. I think that everyone wants to go home because it is accompanied by "rest of mind, healing of mind".

The point here is not so much as how to rest the body, but how to heal the mind. Rush tatami mats and Japanese-style rooms have many healing effects.
First, let's look at the Japanese-style room. As a feature, the line of sight is naturally low in the Japanese-style room space.
Even when you sit down, it's not a chair with legs, but a cushion or a sitting chair. In that case, the line of sight will be about half that of sitting in a chair. Naturally, the table and kotatsu are also made on the assumption that they will be used in a low position.

Have you ever felt that you and others were bigger than usual as soon as you entered the Japanese-style room?
This is because the entire Japanese-style room space is designed for convenience in a position where the line of sight is lowered, so I feel that way relatively.
People feel uplifted at high positions and calm at low positions. It is a space that makes good use of these instinctive things.

In addition to this, the calmness of the mind depends on the position and color of the ceiling. Generally, it is said that people who have a profound feeling are more calm.
In other words, it feels heavier when the ceiling is lower than when it is high, and when the color of the ceiling is darker than lighter. From this point of view, you can expect the healing effect of Japanese houses and Japanese-style rooms.