Rush tatami mat rug carpet is beautiful!

It can be said that the Japanese-style rooms that use Rush tatami mats in Japanese houses and their beauty are still indispensable for Japanese houses.
I would like to take good care of the Rush tatami mats and use them for a long time.
However, I would like you to be aware of the beauty of the Rush tatami that is created by it, rather than simply replacing the Rush tatami because it has become dirty or damaged.
Roughly speaking, the beauty of a Japanese-style room (zashiki) is the three elements of “ceiling,” “wall,” and “floor,” the materials of “tokonoma” and “pillars,” and the openings such as “fusuma” and “shoji.” It can be determined by the comprehensive harmony and structure created by the natural appearance that can be seen from there.

In particular, the Rush tatami mat, which is one of the three major elements, spreads over the floor, so it is no exaggeration to say that the quality of the tatami mats affects the atmosphere, impression, and beauty of the Japanese-style room.
It can be said that the beautiful image of the Japanese-style room itself is the Rush tatami mat. Even the old and deserted Japanese-style room can be revived neatly by simply replacing the Rush tatami mats. If you replace the old sliding doors and shoji screens in the same way, it will become a new Japanese-style room that looks like it was reborn. In this way, Japanese-style rooms have the advantage that they can be easily remodeled and the impression of the room can be easily changed.

In a Japanese-style room with Rush tatami mats, I think there is a feeling of relaxation that makes you want to lie down unintentionally, and a dignified tension that makes you feel like sitting upright on Rush tatami mats.
The luster and scent of the new Rush tatami mats, which have been re-covered, make the healing and tension of such a Japanese-style room one of the beauty. The effects and functions of Rush tatami are also wonderful, but when you realize the beauty of Rush tatami itself, the deep understanding of Rush tatami, which is indispensable in Japanese culture, does not turn into an attachment to tatami. I think.