What is Edo Kiriko?

Edo Kiriko refers to the technique itself of cutting and decorating a pattern on the surface of glass, or the cut pattern itself.
In English, it’s a cut glass.
We mainly use a rotating polishing machine to make cuts by pressing the glass against it.
It is exactly the art of glass drawn by the many years of experience and skill of craftsmen!

There are other products with the product name “Kiriko”, but only those certified by the Edo Kiriko Cooperative can call themselves “Edo Kiriko”.
The condition is that it is made of glass and is made in a designated area such as Koto-ku or Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
Therefore, Edo Kiriko is inevitably a handmade glass product made in Japan.

Occasionally, the ones with kiriko (kiriko) are sold overseas.
Of course, there is no problem as a product, but some people mistakenly think that it is “Edo Kiriko” and buy it, so please be careful when purchasing.

Rest assured that all Edo Kiriko in the Tokyo Store are genuine Edo Kiriko made in Japan!
Edo Kiriko is a traditional craft that has been designated by both Japan and Tokyo.
The conditions to be accepted include that it is mainly daily necessities, that it is mainly hand-made, and that it has a history of more than 100 years.