Kakegawa weave Tatami rug carpet Japanese Black modern style made in Japan


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Kakegawa weave Tatami rug carpet Japanese modern style made in Japan

Size / capacity: approximately 75.2 x 75.2 in / approximately 75.2 x 98.4 in
Producing area: Made in Japan
Material / ingredient: Outer material = Tatami Rush (from Kyushu)
Kakegawa woven lining = non-woven fabric
Outer frame = 85% cotton 15% hemp * Wide outer frame: Approximately 8 cm




Kakegawa weaving is a traditional weaving method in the Chikugo region of Kyushu.
Beautiful and sophisticated modern designs with alternating large and small eyes are popular. In addition, carefully selected high-quality thick and long Tatami Rush is woven at high density, so it is durable and durable, and it has a comfortable cushioning and voluminous feeling on bare feet. I am using Tatami Rush from Japan. Each one is thick, the skin is thick, and the fibers are fine, so it is elastic and has excellent durability. TatamiRush has a natural purification effect on air and a humidity control effect. In addition, it is hard to get dirty and changes to golden color and tastes as it is used. Since the back is covered with non-woven fabric, it has an appropriate cushioning property and is suitable for use in flooring.
Aomori Hiba processing is applied to Tatami Rush. (Antibacterial and deodorant effect)



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◆ Precautions for use and care
● Wipe lightly twice with a dry cloth or rag before use.
* Do not wipe with water as it may cause mold.
● If you spill water, it will not penetrate inside if you absorb the water early.
* Do not rub strongly, but wipe with a tissue.
● For normal maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner!
Clean to absorb the gap.
● If you dry it in the shade regularly and keep it well ventilated, you can prevent the growth of mold.
● Since it is a natural material and processed by hand by craftsmen, the shape and display size may differ slightly.


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