Make nice tatami floors with Oki Tatami mats and unit tatami mats!

Make your room comfortable tatami floors

Easily incorporate Oki Tatami mats to suit your room and lifestyle and create wonderful tatami floors.
Tatami uses dirt-resistant and durable materials such as rush grass and polypropylene materials. Tatami floors are especially recommended for homes with children and pets, as they can be easily cleaned and replaced when dirty.
Oki Tatami and unit tatami mats are light and easy to move, even for women.
We also put a lot of effort into preventing misalignment, such as attaching a joint that can be connected and fixed with a simple operation on the back.
Please try Oki Tatami mat and unit tatami mat for a change of mood or to change the room for telework and create a wonderful tatami floor space.

Why we recommend Oki Tatami mat for tatami floors

Oki Tatami mats come in a wide variety of sizes and functions.
Recommended size is Tatami mat size 82cm x 82cm
The size of Oki Tatami mat is roughly divided into two types, square type and rectangular type. TokyoStore sells square-type Oki Tatami mats due to shipping size regulations.
However, even though it is a square, there are various sizes, and there are various sizes. (60x60cm, 70x70cm, 82x82cm, 88x88cm, etc.)
We have a wide variety of materials, designs and specifications for Oki Tatami mat. Some Oki Tatami mats have a special connecting member or anti-slip on the back, so we recommend checking the specifications of the Oki Tatami mat before purchasing.
Create your favorite tatami floors space.

Before using Oki Tatami mat and unit tatami mat!

Lightly wipe the surface of the Oki Tatami mat and unit tatami mat with a dry cloth 2-3 times.
Oki Tatami mat and unit tatami mat use dyed clay in the manufacturing process. Dyes are used for patterned Oki Tatami mats and unit tatami mats. (*It is harmless to the human body.)
Excess dyes, dyes, and resins that have not penetrated Tatami Rush Grass may adhere to the surface and adhere to clothing, etc., so it is necessary to wipe off those ingredients before use. .
Do not wipe with water or forcefully as it may damage the Tatami Rush Grass.

Oki Tatami mat of tatami floors, how to care for unit tatami mat

  1. Place the Oki Tatami mat and unit tatami mat in a well-ventilated area and open the windows regularly on sunny days.
  2. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner or broom along the weave of the Oki Tatami mat and unit tatami mat to sweep out any dust.
  3. Oki Tatami mats and unit tatami mats can be dried in the shade on a sunny day to eliminate insects and mites and prevent mold from growing. If mold occurs, expose it to sunlight for about an hour and remove it with a brush.
    *Oki Tatami mat and unit tatami mat should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  4. Oki Tatami mats and unit tatami mats will fade if exposed to direct sunlight, so please use them in places that are not exposed to direct sunlight as much as possible.

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