Tatami mat rug carpet natural color made in Japan


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Tatami mat rug carpet natural color made in Japan

Size: about 32.3 in(82cm) x 32.3 in(82cm)
Color : natural color

※The product image is a product image combined with other colors.
The sales set is a single color set for each color.

Producing area: Japan
Material / ingredient: Outer material = Tatami rush
Material inside = 10mm wooden board
Back side = non-slip non-woven fabric

Simply place the unit tatami mat on the floor to create a tatami space.
Tatami Rush from Japan (Kyushu) is used for the outer fabric. Each one is thick, the skin is thick, and the fibers are fine, so it is elastic and has excellent durability.
TatamiRush has a natural purification effect on air and a humidity control effect. In addition, it is hard to get dirty and changes to golden color as it is used, and it becomes a good color. The outer frame uses the same color for all color developments. Good even when used in combination with different colors!
As it is a lightweight type, it can be easily carried, installed, and tidied up. The back side is processed to be non-slip.

◆Precautions for use and care
・Wipe lightly twice with a dry cloth or rag before use.
Do not wipe with water as it may cause mold.
・If you spill water, it will not penetrate inside if you absorb the water early.
Do not rub strongly, but wipe with a tissue.
・For daily care, use a vacuum cleaner!
Vacuum along the grain.
・If you dry it in the shade regularly and keep it well ventilated, you can prevent the growth of mold.
・Since it is a natural material and handmade by craftsmen, the shape and display size may differ slightly.
Thank you for understanding.

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