Create a fun time with the cool SAKE cup series ♬

The cool SAKE cup series is a cute SAKE cup in which the cherry blossoms react when you add a drink below 17 ° C and turn from white to pink.
A special SAKE cup whose color changes with temperature using a special technique.

Cherry blossoms and fireworks in full bloom opened with cold sake SAKE cup ♬
Luxury SAKE cup where you can see cherry blossoms / fireworks anytime, anywhere
The cool feeling SAKE cup series reproduces the cherry blossoms and fireworks that bloom at temperature in a glass or SAKE cup.

What is drawn on the surface of the SAKE cup is a cherry tree that looks like a bud. The moment you pour a cold drink into the SAKE cup, the cherry blossoms turn bright pink and the cherry blossoms in full bloom appear at hand.
The mechanism is in the pigment of the painting on the SAKE cup.
The cherry blossoms drawn with a special pigment that changes with temperature change color when the SAKE cup drops below 17 degrees Celsius, showing the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Sakura is a flower that grabs the hearts of Japanese people.
And the time of cherry-blossom viewing, where people gather under the cherry blossoms and exchange cups together, is one of the most beloved times in Japan.
A pair of SAKE cup sets that make you feel like you love cherry blossoms.
Of course, when you give the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms overseas, you will get a GOOD gift!

“SAKE cup where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom at any time”
“SAKE cup where you can drink while watching fireworks at home”

Enjoy Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gifts and SAKE cups of cherry blossom viewing / fireworks at home.
Pour your favorite drinks such as beer, cold sake, champagne, highball, soft drinks and enjoy a stylish surprise!