How to make delicious tea to enjoy Japanese tea 10 times in a Kyusu Japanese teapot?!

You who are about to pour hot water into a Kyusu Japanese teapot at once!
One moment, please!
"How to make tea, the taste changes completely with one!"
Here, we will introduce a special way (how to make) to enjoy Japanese tea 10 times.

◎ How to make delicious Japanese tea
Japanese Amount of tea leaves, amount of hot water, and temperature of hot water

[How to put standard amount (for 2 to 3 people)]
Amount of tea leaves ‥‥‥ 5-6g (about 2 tablespoons)
Hot water temperature: 70 to 80 degrees (swaying to raise steam)
Amount of hot water ‥‥‥ 180cc (60cc per person x 3 people)
Leaching time: Approximately 1 minute with the lid on

◎ How to put delicious
① First, pour hot water into Japanese tea cups for the number of people.
(Because it is possible to cool the hot water and measure the amount of hot water.)
② Put tea leaves in the Kyusu Japanese teapot.
(The amount of tea leaves is about 2g at 60cc per person)
③ Slowly pour the pre-poured Japanese tea cup of hot water into the Kyusu Japanese teapot, and then gently wait for about 1 minute until the tea leaves open.
After about 1 minute, when the tea leaves open, turn the kyusu 3 to 5 times according to the strength you like and divide it evenly into Japanese tea cups.
④ Pour the tea so that it is thin at the beginning and thicker later, so the tea is evenly concentrated.
When pouring, be sure to squeeze the last drop so that it does not remain in the kyusu.
By doing this, you can enjoy up to 2 roasts and 3 roasts.

Kyusu Japanese teapot / teacup for making delicious Japanese tea
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◎ Important points to have delicious Japanese tea (points on how to put it)
① Be sure to boil the water completely once.
(This is an important point in how to make tea.)
(2) The most important point (how to put it in) is to use good water.
③ It is best to use good water that has passed through a water purifier,
Leave tap water with a strong scent of karuki overnight and use the supernatant.
After boiling once completely, boil for another 5 minutes or more to remove the odor such as karuki.
However, since water is used every day, we recommend using a water purifier for both deliciousness and safety.
④ Another point of how to make tea is not to put hot water directly into the Kyusu Japanese teapot from a kettle or pot when making tea, but to cool the hot water with a Japanese teacup or hot water cooler before Kyusu Japanese teapot. Let's try to put it in.
⑤ Use a large amount of tea leaves, and if you pour out to the last drop, the flavor will remain until 2 or 3 roasts.

◎ Japanese green tea How to store / make tea
Precautions on how to make and store tea
Please store unopened tea in the refrigerator as it is in the bag.
For long-term storage, we recommend the freezer.

  • When you take out the tea from the refrigerator, if you open it immediately, water droplets will be attached and it will absorb moisture, so please return it to room temperature after a while before opening it.

Transfer the opened tea to a sealed container such as a tea can and store it in a cool and dark place.

  • If you put it in a highly airtight container and store it in a cool and dark place, you do not need to put it in the refrigerator.
  • If you really want to store it in the refrigerator, pay close attention to the problem of adsorption of odors from other foods and the problem of dew condensation when taking out the refrigerator

Kyusu Japanese teapot / teacup for making delicious Japanese tea
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When purchasing tea, ask them to subdivide it into 100g pieces.
Freshness is the first priority for tea. The more advanced ones, the faster the taste changes.
Please enjoy it as soon as possible after opening it.