What is Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog in Shiga Prefecture?

“Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog” is famous as a lucky charm.
It is also recommended as a gift for opening a store or moving house, as it is an item that brings good luck, such as prosperous business, good fortune, and increased financial luck.
About the Shigaraki ware raccoon figurine
Have you ever seen a Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog doll wearing a hat, with a big belly, and big eyes, at a store, restaurant, or at the entrance of your home in Japan?
This doll is famous as the “Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog”, and you will most likely see it especially in Shiga Prefecture.
We will also tell you about Why there are so many Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog dolls in Shiga,'' thehistory of Shigaraki tanuki,” and the “Eight Phases of Origin,” which is essential when talking about Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dogs.

History (origin) of Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog

The charming Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog doll dates back to the Meiji period (1968-1912) when the raccoon dog figurine was created by Tetsuzo Fujiwara, the founder of Tanukian. He is said to be the first dog, and is also known as an important person who created the foundation of the Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dog.
The name Raccoon'' is said to come from the fact that the first generationTetsuzo Fujiwara” started making raccoon dog pottery in order to popularize the charming raccoon dog.
In 1951 (Showa 26), when Emperor Showa went to Shigaraki-cho (the Emperor’s outing), many Shigaraki raccoon dogs were placed with small Hinomaru flags along the road. Shigaraki wareTanuki raccoon dogs became known nationwide after an anecdote was reported in the media about how the Emperor became so fond of the sight of raccoon dogs lining up to welcome them that he wrote a song about the scene. became.
At Shingu Shrine in Nagano, Shigaraki Town, there is a monument with a poem written at that time.

The Shigaraki raccoon dog is very popular as a lucky charm!

Why are Raccoon dog dolls popular as “lucky charms”?
Raccoon dog is called “TANUKI” in Japanese.
The reason is that TANUKI (raccoon dog) has the meaning of “TA (other)” and “NUKI (to pull out)” = “to pull out the others.”
For this reason, the Shigaraki raccoon dog has been placed in front of stores since ancient times as a lucky charm for business prosperity.'' Furthermore, the Shigaraki raccoon dog figurine has a shape calledHassoengi”, which has the meaning of eight auspicious origins.

What is the meaning of each part of the Shigaraki raccoon dog called “Hassoengi”?

・Large hat: Prepare regularly to protect yourself from unexpected disasters.
・Big eyes: You can make the right decisions by looking around and paying attention to your surroundings.
・Face: Always smiling and being friendly to each other will lead to business prosperity
・Tokkuri (SAKE bottle): Strive to have good moral character without having to worry about eating and drinking (business will go well)
・Accountbook: Trust is the first priority for people who are good in the world.
・Big belly: Possesses calmness and boldness
・Large money bag: You will be blessed with financial luck that allows you to use money freely.
・Thick tail: True happiness comes from reaching a solid end to everything.
Shigaraki Ware’s raccoon dog is not just a cute ornament, but it also presents 8 lessons that you should always keep in mind with its appearance. It is also popular at home as a “lucky raccoon dog” that brings good fortune.

Shigaraki ware story summary

Shigaraki ware is a very famous pottery made in Shiga Prefecture.
Shigaraki ware is counted as one of the six oldest kilns in Japan. The raccoon dog item is synonymous with Shigaraki ware, and Teizo Fujiwara, the founder of Tanukian, who is the founder of Shigaraki raccoon dog, has a large presence, and he laid the foundation for raccoon ornaments in Shigaraki. In 1951 (Showa 26), the Emperor Showa visited Shigaraki Town and was so pleased to be welcomed with a raccoon figurine that he wrote a song about the scene, which tells us the history of Shigaraki raccoon dogs. Looking back, it was a big deal. As this anecdote was reported in the media, Shigaraki ware raccoon dogs became very popular, and instantly became famous nationwide. Due to this background, Shigaraki tanuki figurines have become especially common in Shiga Prefecture.

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