What is a bare skin item?!

Rush tatami material item made in Japan that is particular about non-dyed soil and additive-free.
Normally, it is a grass product that you want to use domestic (Kyushu) rush that does not use dyed soil or dye to prevent the color of the rush you want to dye, such as "mud dyeing" to prevent the deterioration of the blueness of the rush.

Since it is a non-dyed soil grass, it has less surface roughness and is characterized by a smooth feel.
The combination of Rush tatami material and denim makes it a casual design that is easy to use regardless of age group from the astringent image of rush.
Because it is a bedding that comes in contact with the skin for a long time, we used natural materials and stuck to a soft texture.

Rush tatami material sheets absorb sweat and stay smooth, and you don't need to wash them.
Natural sheets that are kind to both people and the earth.
It has the power to deodorize unpleasant odors such as sweat, so it is recommended for people who are concerned about sweat.