What are Gifu Japanese lanterns?

Made mainly from thin, high-quality Mino washi paper from the Mino region of Gifu Prefecture and bamboo grown in the rich nature of Gifu, these lanterns are characterized by their delicate and graceful fire box with cool autumnal plants and landscapes drawn on them. These are delicate and beautiful Japanese lanterns made using traditional techniques that have been passed down from the Edo period to the present day.

Japanese traditional crafts are crafts designated by the Japanese government, and are crafts that have passed strict examinations such as whether the main part of the manufacturing process is handmade or whether traditional raw materials and techniques are used. . With a history of more than 300 years, Gifu lanterns, which have inherited the traditional beauty of Japan and continue to develop, are also designated as traditional crafts.

What is Mino Washi?

Traditional Japanese paper from Gifu Prefecture, which has a history of 1300 years.

Traditional Japanese recipe "Nagashisuki"

Washi, which is made using the traditional Japanese manufacturing method "Nagashisuki", is said to be as strong as cloth, even though it is thin, because the fibers are well entwined.

Japanese paper inheriting the beautiful culture of Japan

Washi, which inherits the beautiful culture of Japan, has been used in interiors all over the world as a material that is friendly to people and the environment. Its beautiful colors and unique texture make people's lives soothing just by looking at it.

Japanese paper Suki craftsmanship in Mino, Gifu Prefecture

Craftsmanship: Japanese paper with the delicate skills of craftsmen
It is made with craftsmanship, such as making colored paper and thread, adding wrinkles by hand, and creating a lace-like openwork pattern.

How Gifu Japanese lanterns are made

1. Preparation of raw materials ~ Paper Suki

"Kouzo" is put on a beater to produce the raw material for Japanese paper. Mino Japanese paper craftsmen pursue new possibilities of Japanese paper every day. *Kouzo is a deciduous shrub of the mulberry family.

2. Ironworking ~ woodworking

Gifu Japan Lantern Factory manufactures Japanese lanterns through frame welding and processing. Bamboo processing is particularly demanding.

3. Painting - manufacture of lighting fixtures

The paint on the frame is powder coated, so it will not peel off. The socket part of the lamp is processed according to various types of lighting.

4. Lantern hanging ~ Processing of shade

All Japanese lanterns are made by hand, and craftsmen carefully finish each one. Shades other than the lantern technique are also made by hand.

5. Inspection - packing

All finished Japanese lanterns are strictly inspected. Finally, the product parts are collected, packed, and the lighting inspection of the light bulb is performed at the same time.

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