Noren Tapestry History

Noren tapestry is a unique Japanese culture that has been used up to the present day as a “face” that expresses the history and fame of Japanese merchants by dyeing crests and shop names on cloth barriers that separate storefronts and indoors.

The Beginning of Noren Tapestry

Originally, the entrance of the zendo was covered with cotton cloth to protect it from the cold in winter became. The Noren tapestry has a notch in the center so that people can easily pass through, making it very convenient.

The Noren tapestry is the banner at the entrance of the shop

The development of the Noren tapestry is a flag that shows the thriving spirit of the townspeople of the Edo period.

Noren tapestry is divided into outdoor noren and indoor noren, and outdoor noren is also called store noren.

The Noren tapestry that is hung at the entrance has been designed with various merchant house names, trademarks, family crests, etc., and it is not just a practical Noren tapestry such as a sunshade, but an advertisement to inform the name of the store and the name of the product handled. It became indispensable as an advertisement.

A sign made of cloth.

Indoor Noren tapestry with an elegant and gorgeous look

The name of the inner noren hung inside the house is also called floor noren, room noren, and zashiki noren. In the Edo period, it was used as a blindfold or partition at the entrance of a bedroom or storage room.

In addition, in the world of theater such as Kabuki, it was used in the same way as Choie, and the Noren tapestry was hung at the doorway cut at the back of the stage. This is called the Noren tapestry entrance.

Noren tapestry is a beautiful use of space

Noren tapestry is Japanese culture. Long-established Noren tapestries exude polished authority, while faded Noren tapestries quietly ooze carved history. And a gentle Noren tapestry that beckons with ease. A rope noren that invites people with a faint sense of sorrow. Noren tapestry has been slowly nurtured in the lives of ordinary people. The Noren tapestry subtly harmonizes and lives on in your new life.

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