Magic Sake cup pair set SAKURA Cherry Blossoms temperature change Customer Feedback

Lives in Waikiki, Hawaii Male customer

Since I first drank sake at a Japanese restaurant in Waikiki a few years ago, I’ve become a fan of sake, and it’s become a fun habit to drink sake after dinner every day.

In Hawaii, it is said that it is better to drink sake in a wine glass, and I usually enjoyed sake in a wine glass, but from a Japanese friend of my colleagues, sake is a small bowl called “Inoguchi”. I heard that if you enjoy it little by little, it will be more delicious, so I searched on Google and found this Tokyo store.

So I found this “Magic Sake cup pair set SAKURA” and bought it because I wanted to know how cute SAKURA flowers are and what kind of magic they are.
I will never forget the surprise when I put cold sake in this “SAKE cup” for the first time.
When SAKURA at the bottom of the “SAKE Cup” was in full bloom just by adding cold sake, I suddenly shouted “Wow !!”.
I was so happy that I invited my family and enjoyed the cute SAKURA SAKE cup blooming with everyone many times.

I don’t know what kind of magic it is, but I am impressed with the Japanese ideas and aesthetics.
Tokyostore still has a lot of wonderful traditional Japanese crafts, so I would like to continue to prepare them little by little.
Thank you.