Kakegawa weaving Tatami rug recommended introduction

First of all, Tatami rug is a rug made of natural Tatami material Rush with traditional Japanese weaving.
And there are many types of Tatami Rush weaves.
Among them, we will introduce Kakegawa weaving, which has been handed down from ancient times in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

In the first place, what is Kakegawa weaving?

It is the name of the Tatami rug weave that has been handed down from ancient times in the Chikugo region of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Kakegawa weaving is characterized by alternating large and small weaves.
Because the weaving method is rarely seen outside of the Chikugo region, the weaving method is designated as an intangible cultural property of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Kakegawa weaving Tatami rug carpet with elegant patterns

The greatest feature of Kakegawa weaving is the elegant pattern created by the unique Tatami Rush weaving method.
The unique pattern that is not found in other Tatami rug carpets creates a Tatami rug carpet that is flat but creates a heavy atmosphere.

Tatami rug carpet with a comfortable texture created by Tatami Rush's large weave

Kakegawa weaving is woven by alternately repeating large weaves of about 3 cm and small weaves of about 1 cm.
This large weave creates an elastic finish that contains a lot of air, creating a Kakegawa weaving Tatami rug carpet that feels good to the touch.
*Compared to traditional Japanese Tatami rug carpets, Kakegawa weaving Tatami rug carpets have gorgeous patterns.

Kakegawa weaving's Tatami rug carpet requires a long, solid, top-of-the-line Tatami Rush. Kakegawa weaving's Tatami rug carpet is said to be "the finest Tatami rug carpet" because of the use of the finest Tatami Rush and the resulting elegant pattern.

Excellent compatibility with colorful Tatami Rush

The charm of Kakegawa weaving is its plump texture and elegant, unique patterns. Combined with his colorfully dyed Tatami Rush, Kakegawa weaving becomes an even more attractive Tatami rug carpet.
Even simple colors are beautiful enough. By combining various colors such as red, blue, and green, a different charm is created.

Kakegawa weaving is profound because it is simple

Kakegawa weaving is characterized by its easy and simple structure compared to other Tatami rug carpet weaves such as "Fukuro weaving" and "Mon weaving".

The unevenness of the surface is an important point for these Tatami rug carpets.
Since Kakegawa weaving is basically a solid color, it is necessary to express the unevenness only by the weaving method without relying on the pattern.
Because it is a simple manufacturing method, the quality of Tatami Rush and the skills of Tatami craftsmen are most tested.

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