IWACHU Nambutekki Teapot Hikifune 0.7L

IWACHU Nanbu Ironware Teapot Hikifune
Size: Width 19.5 cm, depth 12.5 cm, height 14.5 cm (0.7 ℓ)
Material: Nanbu iron of IWACHU representing Japan
*Please do not use it directly over the fire.
*Since the enamel processing on the inside is glassy,
Please use it without giving a shock.

The shape is modern and the lines drawn are oriental beauty.
Since it is enamel processed inside, you can put tea and put it on the table as it is.
Even if water remains, it does not rust and is very easy to clean.
A variety of modern designs and colors are available, so you can enjoy it even by coordinating with tableware.

The ironware in Iwanaka is highly evaluated overseas due to its high degree of perfection, and was adopted as a teapot in the Tea Room at the MoMA Museum of Art in New York.
Each product is accompanied by a traditional stamp of traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

IWACHU is a long-established manufacturer of Nanbu Tekki founded in 1905, and is still the top manufacturer of Nanbu Tekki.
While inheriting traditional techniques, we continue to challenge the new future of Nanbu Tekki.
You can use the kitchenware of the trusted brand “IWACHU” with peace of mind.

Nambu Tekki was born about 400 years ago
Nambu Tekki “Nanbu” was named about 400 years ago when Shingen Nanbu established a castle in Morioka and took the land as the feudal lord.
Morioka has been producing local high-quality iron resources such as sand iron and rock iron, and raw materials such as river sand, clay, lacquer and charcoal for a long time. Has been manufactured.