What is Edo Kiriko(Glass products)?

What is Edo Kiriko?
Edo Kiriko is the technique itself of cutting and decorating a pattern on the surface of glass, or the cut pattern.
In English, it’s a cut glass.
We mainly use a rotating polishing machine to make cuts by pressing the glass against it.
It is exactly the art of glass drawn by the many years of experience and skill of craftsmen!

Edo Kiriko is a traditional craft that has been designated by both Japan and Tokyo.
In addition, there are other products with the product name “Kiriko”, but only those certified by the Edo Kiriko Cooperative can be named “Edo Kiriko”.
The condition is that it is made of glass and is made in designated areas such as Koto Ward and Sumida Ward, Tokyo.
Therefore, Edo Kiriko is inevitably a handmade glass product made in Japan.
All Edo Kiriko products from TOKYO Store are genuine Edo Kiriko made in Japan.
As Edo Kiriko, the conditions that are accepted are that it is mainly daily necessities, that it is mainly manual work, and that it has a history of more than 100 years.

What is the history of Edo Kiriko?
When and how did Edo Kiriko start?
It is said that Edo Kiriko began in 1834 (Tenpo 5) in the latter half of the Edo period, when Kyubei Kagaya of Edo Daidenmacho devised a method of engraving on the surface of glass using Kongo sand.
Glass became widely made in the early 18th century.
Mirrors, glasses, hairpins, wind chimes, etc. were the main items, but tableware has gradually been made.
In the old days, it was called “Ruri” or “Hari”, but since the Edo period, it has been called “Giyaman” or “Biidoro”, and after that, it is generally called “Glass”. became.

In Edo Iroha Karuta, there is a saying, “If you illuminate both Ruri and Kuri Hari, they will shine.”
It means, “What’s really good is that it shines beautifully when mixed with many others.”
As a lot of glass was made, Edo Kiriko became popular among the common people and was very popular.
Currently, there are also Edo Kiriko craftsmen who make accessories such as interiors and necklaces in addition to tableware.

Is Edo Kiriko colored?
When you think of Edo Kiriko, you probably think of glasses with colors such as red and Ruri.
Certainly, at present, Edo Kiriko, which uses “covered glass” in which transparent glass is layered inside colored glass, is the mainstream.
However, Edo Kiriko in the Edo period was transparent.
Edo Kiriko refers to the technique of cutting glass and the cutting itself, so if an Edo Kiriko craftsman cuts glass of any color, it will become Edo Kiriko.

  • Edo Kiriko = colored glass does not mean.

Edo Kiriko is recommended as a gift for loved ones!
Recently, Edo Kiriko has become widely recognized as a brand.
Therefore, gifts for important events such as wedding celebrations, retirement celebrations, new construction celebrations, award celebrations, internal celebrations, etc.
It has been selected by many customers as a celebration of longevity such as 60th birthday, Kouki, and Kiju.
As it is a traditional Japanese craft, it is also very popular as a Japanese souvenir or gift for overseas friends.
We handle sake glasses, wine glasses, old glasses, tumblers, etc.
You can choose according to the taste and lifestyle of the other party’s sake.