Why are Japanese teapots (Kyusu teapots and teacups) required now? !!

Japanese teapots (Kyusu teapots and teacups) are rapidly gaining popularity at stay homes!

Now that the coronavirus is spreading all over the world, strict stay homes and telework are required in each country.
The longer you stay at home, the more time you spend with your family, and many people feel different stress than before.
On the other hand, it is said that the number of people who live alone is becoming more and more ill because they do not have the opportunity to interact with people.
Now that the world is closed, attention is focused on how to enjoy Japanese-style green tea as well as the effects of Japanese green tea.

◎ Efficacy of Japanese green tea
Japanese green tea contains catechin and is said to have various effects such as antibacterial / antiviral effect, carcinogenesis suppression, blood pressure and blood sugar level rise suppression, aging prevention, and relaxing effect.
Especially now that the corona is widespread, attention is focused on the antibacterial and antiviral effects of catechin.
In Japan, there are many people who always gargle with green tea when they come home.

Japanese teapots (Kyusu teapots and teacups) that are functional yet allow you to enjoy excellent modeling beauty
In Japan, green tea is not only drunk at fixed times such as meals and tea time, but also teapots (Kyusu teapots and teacups) are always prepared on the table, so feel free to drink mineral water. I have a habit of drinking.
Simple and mellow green tea with no strong aroma or irritation can be drunk in any scene.
No matter how many times a day you drink, you won't get bored, whether you're eating, eating a snack, or taking a short break.
Kyusu teapots and teacups for drinking green tea, which are indispensable for Japanese households, have a long history, and are wonderfully inherited from ancient times in the regions such as Tokoname ware, Arita ware, Banko ware, Mino ware, and Kutani ware. There are many Kyusu teapots and teacups.
Originally, it was a Kyusu teapot / teacup that is usually used at home, but in recent years its value has increased and it has been highly evaluated as an antique and a work of art.

You can find genuine Japanese Kyusu teapots and teacups at the Tokyo store! I received a compliment!
The number of foreigners who are interested in Japanese culture and are looking for traditional Japanese crafts is increasing year by year.
There are many Japanese tea ware specialty stores in Japan.
I'm sure some of you visited when you came to Japan, but now that the coronavirus is bad, it's difficult to visit Japan, so you often find an online shop like the Tokyo store and buy it. It is becoming.
I would like to introduce a very happy message from a customer living in the United States who accidentally found the Tokyo store on the Internet and purchased his favorite Kyusu teapot / teacup set and green tea set. I will.

◎ Comments from American customers
I've always liked Japanese culture, and in the past I've visited Japan several times to buy some Japanese crafts.
In recent years, it has often been talked about that green tea is good for health in the United States, and I have come to want to drink green tea using Japanese Kyusu teapots and teacups.
Recently, the number of sites selling Japanese crafts has increased, so I tried surfing the internet here and there, but there are many things like Japanese souvenirs rather than traditional crafts, so it's quite my own. I couldn't find the real Japanese tea set I was looking for.
I happened to find the Tokyo store on the net, and finally I was able to find my favorite Tokoname ware black kyusu / hot water and green tea set.
At the Tokyo store, you can find Kyusu teapots and teacups from various famous production areas, all of which are carefully selected gems, and it was hard to decide which one to use.
The site details how to choose a Kyusu teapot and how to drink green tea, and I was happy that it was very easy to understand for the first time to drink tea using a Japanese Kyusu teapot / teacup set.
Just by placing it on the table, it becomes a Japanese interior, which is very popular with family and friends, and everyone drinks delicious green tea every day.
This time, I will give Kyusu teapots and teacup sets to my parents who live in NY who care about their health.
We hope that you will continue to introduce genuine Japanese traditional crafts. ]

◎ How to choose a Kyusu teapot

◎ How to drink delicious green tea

We are very happy to have you choose our Tokyo store from the many Japanese online shops and receive a compliment message from our customers.
We really thank you.
From now on, at the Tokyo store, we hope to carefully select the traditional handicrafts of craftsmanship, which is the origin of Japan, and deliver them to people all over the world who love Japan.
We look forward to your visit.