Recommended Hinoki Cypress items for your bath

The most attractive features of Hinoki Cypress baths, tubs, and chairs are the unique scent and feel of wood. Hinoki Cypress fragrance ingredients have a relaxing effect. You will feel as relaxed as if you were bathing in the forest. In addition, the ingredients contained in Hinoki Cypress have high insect repellent and bactericidal effects. It also has a deodorizing effect, so it prevents the growth of odors and bacteria and keeps the bathroom clean. In addition, Hinoki Cypress is resistant to water and has a moisturizing effect. Bathrooms tend to be filled with moisture, but the Hinoki Cypress bath absorbs moisture.
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For comfortable use of Hinoki Cypress

After using Hinoki Cypress tubs and chairs, do not wait too long to clean them, wipe them with a soft cloth and dry them thoroughly.

The scent of Hinoki Cypress has an aroma effect

When Hinoki Cypress is finished, it has a beautiful luster and a gentle atmosphere. In addition, it has a unique fragrance, and many people like the scent of Hinoki Cypress, such as Hinoki Cypress baths and Hinoki Cypress sake cups, and you can get a feeling of relaxation. It is known that many useful substances such as alpha pinene and borneol are contained in the scent components. Therefore, in Japan, in addition to bath items, it is often used for kitchen utensils such as cutting boards.

Hinoki Cypress is also used in shrines and temples in Japan

Hinoki Cypress is also used in shrines and temples such as Horyuji and Ise Jingu. *Hinoki Cypress is said to grow stronger for 200 years after being harvested, and then gradually weaken over the next 1000 years! Hinoki Cypress has the world's highest level of durability and preservability as wood, and the world's highest level as a building material.

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