Tatami rug carpet checkered pattern natural color Size A pattern


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Tatami rug carpet checkered pattern natural color Size A pattern

Size: approx. 87 x 174 cm / 174 x 174 cm / 174 x 261 cm / 261 x 261 cm / 261 x 352 cm / 348 x 352 cm

Place of production:Japan
Material: Outer fabric = Tatami rush *Normal weave
Outer frame = 100% cotton

This rug carpet has a simple design with a checkered pattern expressed by weaving.
Tatami Rush rug carpets are usually dyed with mud, but this process is omitted for this Tatami Rush rug carpet.
This makes it smooth and silky to the touch.
This rug carpet is not too Japanese in style and can be easily matched to any room.
It can be used on both sides and will last for a long time.
Japanese Tatami rush is used.
Each strand of Japanese Tatami rush is thicker, with a thicker outer skin and finer fibers, making it more resilient and durable.
Tatami rush has air purifying and humidity regulating properties. It is also stain-resistant, and as it is used, it changes its color to a golden brown, giving it a long-lasting appearance.

◆Precautions for use and care
●Wipe lightly twice with a dry cloth or rag before use. Do not wipe with water as it may cause mold.
●When water is spilled, absorb the water as soon as possible so that it does not permeate into the interior. Do not rub hard, but wipe with a tissue.
●For daily care, please vacuum along the mesh.
●Breeding of mold and mites can be prevented by drying it in the shade once a month or so to remove excess moisture. If you can't dry in the shade, simply ventilating the room once a week will also have an effect.
●When a part of the mesh is broken and pops out, please cut it from the root with scissors and blend it with your fingers.
●Because natural materials are used and craftsmen process each item by hand, there may be slight differences in shape and indicated size.

● Depending on availability, it may take 5-7 business days to ship.
*Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
● Custom Duties: Customers are responsible for custom duties (tariffs) which might be charged in your country.


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