Tatami rug carpet ARASHIYAMA


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Tatami rug carpet ARASHIYAMA

68.5 x 68.5 in (174 x 174 cm)
68.5 x 103 in (174 x 261 cm)
102.8 x 102.8 in (261 x 261 cm)
102.8 x 138.6 in (261 x 352 cm)
137 x 138.6 in (348 x 352 cm)
* Tatami Rush is processed with natural materials. Therefore, there may be slight differences in size and color.

About production: Planned and managed in Japan, and produced in China.
Material / component: Material : Tatami Rush
* FUKURO weave Outer frame = polypropylene, polyethylene
*The color may look different between the outer frame and the center part, but it is not a color unevenness or sunburn, it is a characteristic of Tatami Rush and is not a defect.

Tatami rug carpet with autumn leaves pattern.
The outer frame is also decorated with a maple leaf pattern to create a sense of luxury.
A technique called FUKURO weave, which uses a large number of warp threads, creates a delicate pattern.
Since the bending is complicated, it will cut unless you use a long Tatami Rush.
The good point of this Tatami rug carpet is that the warp threads are fine, so it is sturdy and does not tear easily.
Tatami Rush has a natural air purification effect and a humidity control effect.
This Tatami rug carpet changes to a golden color as it is used.
Tatami rug carpet is treated with Aomori Hiba oil.

◆ Note
● Depending on availability, it may take 5-7 business days to ship.
* Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
● Custom Duties: Customers are responsible for custom duties (tariffs) which might be charged in your country.
● Wipe lightly twice with a dry cloth or rag before use.
* Do not wipe with water as it may cause mold.
● If you spill water, it will not penetrate inside if you absorb the water early.
* Do not rub strongly, but wipe with a tissue.
● For normal maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner!
Clean to absorb the gap.
● If you dry it in the shade regularly and keep it well ventilated, you can prevent the growth of mold.
● Since it is a natural material and processed by hand by craftsmen, the shape and display size may differ slightly.


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