Rush grass pillow with memory foam urethane tip "SABURE memory foam pillow with box"


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Size: about 50 x 30 cm
Producing area: Japan
Materials / ingredients
Side = Rush grass
Middle material = urethane foam [low-resilience urethane tip]
Helicopter = 100% cotton

A rush grass pillow that uses low-resilience urethane chips for the middle material.
Since it is urethane tip, it is not too soft, does not settle easily, and does not easily lose its shape.
Pillow using domestic (Kyushu) "rush grass".
As an efficacy of Rush grass

1. Hygroscopicity about 3 times that of cotton
2. Hard to get stuffy. By absorbing the moisture from sweat, it lowers the temperature and promotes a comfortable sleep.
3. Reduces the smell of sweat. It suppresses 90% or more of the chemical substances that cause the smell of sweat.
Because it uses domestic (Kyushu) supple rush grass, it is soft and smooth to the touch.
Aomori Hiba processing is applied to rush (antibacterial and deodorant effect).

How to care
Wipe the surface dry before use.
Due to the nature of the material, it dislikes moisture, so occasionally dry it in a well-ventilated place.
It cannot be washed. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a tightly wrung towel and let it dry.

* The design of the vanity case is subject to change without notice.


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