Mt. Fuji Cold Japanese Sake Bottle Cup Set  Made in Japan


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[Set contents] SAKE bottle x 1, cup (blue) x 1, cup (red) x 1
Body size: (per cup) Approx.6.7 x 4.6 cm (maximum dimension: 6.7 cm diameter), (Sake bottle) Approx.3.6 x 14.9 cm (maximum dimension: 7.6 cm diameter)
Body weight: (Cup) Approx. 90 g x 2, (Sake bottle) Approx. 270 g
Material/Material: Soda glass
Country of origin: Japan
Dishwasher compatible: No
Microwave compatible: No
Capacity: Cup 35ml x 2, SAKE bottle 270ml



A sake set with the auspicious Mt. Fuji motif.
[Features]-A cup with a motif of Mt. Fuji, and a sake bottle that has been frosted to remind you of the clouds on Mt. Fuji. A luxurious gift set.
・Mt. Fuji, the sacred mountain, boasts the highest height in Japan and is considered auspicious with its beautiful appearance.
-The special package has a strict texture like being protected by Mt. Fuji when the lid is opened.
・A stylish design that reveals the beautiful view of Mt.
・Handmade gems made with great care, utilizing the outstanding techniques of skilled craftsmen who are certified as Tokyo Traditional Craftsmen.
・It is sure to be a blissful time to enjoy your favorite sake such as sake in a glass cup full of refreshing feeling!
-The frosted “frosted” frosted glass has a nice translucent and matte texture that reminds you of fog or freezing.

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Weight 1500 g


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