Made in Japan Handmade Fujimi SHOCHIKUBAI Sake cup 3 types


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Made in Japan Handmade glass with Mt. Fuji as a motif
A congratulatory pattern is expressed on the bottom of the glass.
Fujimi SHOCHIKUBAI Sake cup 3 types of cups
A glass that you can enjoy both looking at and drinking alcohol!
* Meaning of SHOCHIKU BAI
SHO = regular, CHIKU = special, BAI = premium

From daily evening drinks, we will create a gorgeous table for New Year’s and happy days.
You can enjoy the handmade texture.

Diameter 57 x H61 mm, 100 mL x 3 pieces

※This item is also sold in Japan, so if it is sold out, it may take about 5-7 days for delivery to order the item.


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Weight 480 g