Kutani ware Kyusu Japanese teapot cherry blossoms SAKURA Customer Feedback

Lives in Vancouver, Canada Female customer

The Kutani ware Kyusu teapot Sakura design I ordered the other day has arrived.
The Kutani ware Kyusu teapot is said to be one of Japan's leading traditional crafts, and its deep, smooth texture and soft form are very nice.

In Japan, it is said to be a practical product for drinking tea, but I also enjoy it as an interior by placing it on the display shelf in the living room.
A friend who visited saw this Kyusu, Oh! Japan, Mount Fuji, sakura, it's beautiful! Praised me.

So when I put Japanese green tea in this Kyusu teapot, he was pleased that it was very delicious.
I have been interested in traditional Japanese ceramics for a long time, and I often saw them in art books, but I am very happy to be able to get a real Kutani ware Kyusu teapot.

At Tokyostore, I am happy that you can easily purchase famous Japanese traditional crafts.
Also, I am thinking about what kind of Japanese Kyusu teapot or teacup to choose next.
This time I will choose it with my friends.
Also, if you have a new Kyusu teapot, please put it on it.
I am looking forward to it.