Edo Glass Kinsai Gold Light Snow Sake bottle set Customer Feedback

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Edo Glass Kinsai Gold Light Snow Sake bottle Sake cup Set

This time, I bought an Edo glass Kinsai light snow sake set at the Tokyo store to celebrate my mother’s birthday.
In the UK these days, there is a strong health consciousness, and especially in Japan, there are many people with longevity, so Japanese food is becoming more popular because it is good for the body.
Especially my mother loves sushi and buckwheat, she is also very interested in Japanese sake, and she wants to give sake and Japanese SAKE bottle set together on her 55th birthday, so she opened the Tokyo store. I found it and bought it.
However, my dad loved this beautiful gold leaf and light snow SAKE bottle set, and he often used it, and when my mother wanted to use it, I laughed that I couldn’t drink sake with the Japanese SAKE bottle set.
Next time, I would like to give my father a set of Japanese SAKE bottles and SAKE cups.
There are many genuine Japanese traditional crafts here, so take a peek many times.
Thank you for giving me a good gift ♬