Recommended way to wash the Kyusu teapot after use!

Since the Kyusu teapot only makes tea, it rarely gets dirty enough to be scuffed with detergent.
(The dirt that accumulates during daily use is different.)

Rinse with water or hot water for daily care.

◎ Important points after that!
You can dry it naturally, so let's dry the inside of the kyusu completely before using it.
If you continue to use it with moisture remaining, germs will grow, so
be careful.
When it is completely dried, the remaining tea leaves may also be dried and removed cleanly.

Daily care is very easy!
Of course, the dirt that cannot be seen will accumulate little by little just by flushing it with water.
That is the tea astringency or the slimy.

◎ When to wash the Kyusu teapot carefully?
I will show you how to wash the Kyusu teapot carefully.
The Kyusu teapot sometimes has a strange shape, doesn't it?
Especially around the spout, there are some that are bent, so it seems that dirt easily collects.

If you use a thin brush!
A thin brush is perfect for washing the spout of such a Kyusu.
It is even better if the core is a wire and can be bent!

There are actually many shapes of Kyusu teapots.
Some tea strainers can be removed, while others stick to the spout of the Kyusu teapot.
If you cannot remove it, wash it carefully so as not to damage the tea strainer!
Also, tea leaves tend to remain in the tea strainer.
Use a brush to remove fine tea leaves that cannot be removed by just washing with water every day.

◎ Cleaning method using bleach
Here's an easy way to clean your Kyusu teapot.
It's a way to use bleach.

What to prepare
・ Rubber gloves


  1. Put a kyusu in a container and soak it in water
    Please prepare a container large enough to fit the Kyusu.
    Water is stored there so that the kyusu is submerged in water.
  2. Add bleach
    Put bleach in a Kyusu teapot and a container of water.
    Please wear rubber gloves when using bleach.
    There are two types of bleach, chlorine-based and oxygen-based, but it doesn't matter which one you use.
    The amount used also depends on the product, so please read the instructions carefully before using.
  3. Keeping
    Leave it on for about 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse with water
    Rinse with water after soaking.
    Rinse thoroughly so that no bleach remains.
    It's still easy to clean the Kyusu teapot with bleach!
    You just need to keep it.

However, since it has a strong ability to remove dirt, care must be taken when handling it.
Please read the precautions carefully before using.

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