Traditional rice bowl Pine tree chopsticks miso soup bowl set


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Traditional rice bowl Pine tree chopsticks miso soup bowl set

●Set contents
・Mino Ware Rice bowl
・Miso soup bowl
・Pine tree chopsticks (handmade)
*This is a set of 3 items.

Mino Ware Rice bowl size: about diameter 5.1 in x height 2.4 in (13cm x 6.2cm)
Miso soup bowl: about diameter 4.6 in x height 2.6 in (11.7×6.7cm)
Pine tree chopsticks: about 9.1 in (23.0cm)

●Mino Ware Rice bowl
Place of production: Japan
Material: Porcelain/Mino ware
●Miso soup bowl material: Natural wood, made in China
*Surface coating: Urethane coating
*Miso Soup Bowl is planned and managed in Japan.
●Chopsticks material
Material: Pine tree
*Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from Japanese pine wood.

●About Mino ware rice bowl
Due to the nature of Minoware rice bowls being baked, there may be slight differences in the color, size, weight, etc. of the completed rice bowl depending on the conditions of the kiln, temperature, etc.

●Handling notes
Do not use the miso soup bowl near fire, over open fire, or in the oven.
Cannot be used in the microwave, dishwasher, or dryer.
It is strictly prohibited to soak the miso soup bowl in water or hot water (warm water) for a long time.
(Washing soaked is strictly prohibited.)

About the natural wood that makes the miso soup bowl
Because Miso Soup Bowls are made of natural wood, each product retains its individuality, such as the grain of the annual rings, the color, knots, and stains of the wood.
Therefore, each miso soup bowl is slightly different.
Also, since they are made from natural wood, there are individual differences in grain, color, and dimensions. There may be some scratches, etc., but please enjoy it as a characteristic of natural wood.

*Made from natural materials. Therefore, the color, shape, and size may vary slightly.
* Depending on your device and viewing environment, the color and texture of the photo may look slightly different from the actual one.
Thank you for your understanding.
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