Traditional Kamidana Shinto altar sacred tool set


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Traditional Kamidana Shinto altar sacred tool set

●Set contents
・Sacred tools 7-piece set
・Sacred mirror
・Kumo (cloud) paper sheet
・Eight legged table
・Artificial flower Sakaki

Plate: about height 1.3 x diameter 5.3cm
Mizutama (water container): about height 6 x diameter 4.5cm
Bottle: about height 6.7 x diameter 4.3cm
Sakaki stand: about height 9.5 x diameter 5.5cm
Divine mirror: about height 9 x mirror diameter 4.3cm
Eight Legged table: about Width 24 x Depth 7 x Height 5cm
Kumo (cloud) paper sheet: about width 17 x height 15cm

●Meaning of each item, etc.
・What are ceramic sacred tools?
Fill the bottle with sacred sake, and fill the bottle with water.
The lids of bottles and polka dots are kept closed until just before they are placed before the altar, but they are opened when they are placed before the altar and closed when they are lowered.
Place the salt on the right plate and the rice on the left plate.
From the left, the food is served in the order of water, rice, and salt.
・What is a divine mirror?
It is an important sacred tool that is said to be a sacred object of God.
・What is Eight Legged table?
It is a pedestal on which food served to the gods is placed. It features a rectangular pedestal and eight legs that are said to bring good luck.
Made from Kiso Cypress in Japan.
・What is Kumo (cloud)?
There has long been a custom of pasting letters such as Kumo (cloud) on walls and ceilings to show that above altar there is only the sky. This custom was born out of respect for God.
・What is Sakaki (Cleyera japonica)?
Place sakaki in a “Sakaki holder”, which is a sacred tool, and display one on each side of the altar. The key is to place it outside of other offerings so that the top surface of the Sakaki leaf can be seen from here.

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