Traditional Japanese Tenugui manekineko beckoning lucky cat falconry design


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Traditional Japanese Tenugui manekineko beckoning lucky cat falconry design

Size: about 13.4 inches x 35.4 inches
Made in Japan 100% cotton

Manekineko’s Secret
A manekineko beckoning lucky cat is raising his right hand and beckoning fortune.
It is said that if you raise your left hand, you are inviting people (guests).

What is “falconry”?
Falconry is a hunting practice in which tamed and trained hawks and falcons are released into the mountains to catch wild birds and small animals.
It has long been handed down in the imperial court and samurai families, and is said to have been favored by famous warlords such as Nobunaga Oda and Ieyasu Tokugawa.

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