SUSHI Wooden Tray Set Made in Japan


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SUSHI Wooden Tray Set Made in Japan
SUSHI Wooden Tray, small plate and chopsticks set.

SUSHI Wooden Tray Size: 28 x 16 x 3.5 cm
Country of Origin: Japan
Material / component: Hinoki (produced in Kochi)
*A small plate and chopsticks are also included.
*The color of the chopsticks may differ from the item photo.

This is a SUSHI wooden tray set that luxuriously uses "Shimanto Hinoki" from Kochi Prefecture, one of Hinoki's finest brands.

[Bactericidal, antibacterial, sterilizing] effect
It has been confirmed that the α-calineol contained in Hinoki has the effect of suppressing the growth of wood-rotting fungi, while the Hinoki-ol component has a bactericidal effect against pathogens that are resistant to many antibiotics. increase.
Shimanto Hinoki contains more of these oil components than other Hinoki, and is highly effective.

[Deodorant / Deodorant] Effect
Hinoki has the effect of decomposing the components that cause various odors, such as ammonia odor, and is also applied to products that utilize Hinoki essential oil.

[Relax] effect
It has been proven that inhaling the fragrance component α-pinene contained in Hinoki makes the parasympathetic nervous system dominant and brings about physiological relaxation.
In addition, phytoncides with high Hinoki content are effective in relieving stress. In this way, Hinoki's scent calms brain activity and autonomic nerve activity, and brings many relaxation effects such as promoting sound sleep.

Shimanto Hinoki from Kochi Prefecture, which is the raw material, contains a particularly large amount of oil components among Hinoki.
Therefore, due to its strong antibacterial action, the natural strong antibacterial ingredients cause the occurrence of bacteria and mold.
Prevents darkening, dries very quickly after use, and is clean.

Features: A set of sushi geta, chopsticks, and soy sauce plate used by professional craftsmen. Just put sushi or sashimi on top, and you can easily enjoy the feeling of a sushi restaurant at home.
In addition, it can be enjoyed not only with Japanese food, but also with various dishes such as Chinese, ethnic, and sweets.
*Cannot be used in dishwashers, dish dryers, or bleach
*Because it is a natural material, the grain of the wood is different one by one.

* As each item is handmade one by one, there may be slight differences in color, shape, and size.
* Depending on your device and viewing environment, the color and texture of the photo may look slightly different from the actual one.
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