Shintoism Prayer Beads for Men Hinoki and Indian Jade Pure Silk String Tassel


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Shintoism Prayer Beads for Men Hinoki and Indian Jade Pure Silk String Tassel

Production area: Made in Kyoto
Material of prayer beads
Hinoki 13mm balls x 23 balls
Oyadama Indian jade
Using Indian jade Magatama
Tassel material: Pure silk tassel with 5 colors of cord
A rosary bag and a paulownia box are included.
※Shintoism is a religious faith that is indigenous to Japan.

It can also be used as a talisman when visiting a shrine for prayers such as New Year's visit, exorcism, warding off evil, wish fulfillment, good luck, and marriage.
It is also ideal as a talisman for visiting power spots that exist in shrines and temples.

[Power of stone]
◆ Indian jade (jade) ◆
Indian jade, also known as aventurine, has long been revered as a stone that enhances insight.
It is said to have the power to stabilize the mind and enrich the emotions.

Shintoism prayer beads for men using Japanese cypress, which is said to have the world's highest level of durability and a calming aroma effect, and accented with beautiful Indian jade with vivid colors.
Hinoki cypress has a gentle, natural color with a faint fragrance that makes you feel the forest.
In addition, we use the mysterious "Magatama" that has been worn since ancient times as a good luck and talisman.
Jade magatama has been treated specially since the Jomon period, and has always played a central role among magatama.
High-quality pure silk is used for the cord tassels, which are made up of five colors of cords representing Ommyo gogyosetsu.
This is a masterpiece made by a Kyoto Rosary maker with his craftsmanship.

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