Seto Ware MANEKINEKO Gold beckoning cat Lucky Cat


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Seto Ware MANEKINEKO Gold beckoning cat Lucky Cat

Height about 10.2 in (26 cm), Width about 5.3 in (13.5 cm)
Country of Origin: Japan
Material / component: Ceramic

What is MANEKINEKO Lucky Cat Doll?
The original benefit of the MANEKINEKO black beckoning cat was to “invite people”. Of course, the visitor business was an important relationship that brought something. If a cat washes its face, guests will come, and if there are visitors, it will bring good fortune. This is the origin of MANEKINEKO black beckoning cat.

~Seto ware with a history of 1300 years~
The MANEKINEKO beckoning cat has been used for a long time as a lucky charm that brings prosperous business, a happy family, and many customers.

MANEKINEKO Gold beckoning cat invites good luck with money. It continues to be loved by people as a prayer for prosperous business and successful events.

●The meaning of the length of MANEKINEKO's raised hand
MANEKINEKO also differs in the height of the raised hand. If the hand is raised above the ear, it is called "hand length".
If you raise your hands modestly below your ears, it's called "short."
It is called. It is said that the longer the MANEKINEKO's hands are extended, the more it will bring distant fortunes and great fortunes, and the shorter MANEKINEKO's hands will bring closer fortunes and small happiness.

●Meanings of belongings
MANEKINEKO's oval coins have a monetary amount and auspicious words such as ``good luck'' and ``blessing'' written on them, directly reflecting the wishes that MANEKINEKO has put into it.

●Where will MANEKINEKO be displayed, north, south, east, and west?
We recommend displaying MANEKINEKO at the front of a store or at the entrance of your home.
It is a place where you can invite good fortune and luck from outside to come visit you. Also, if you are placing it at home, we recommend displaying it in a place where your family will see it often, such as the living room.

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